Who to Call for Awning Window Repair?

Reparación de ventanas con toldo Denver Colorado

Casement windows are an excellent aesthetic choice for any home. Like casement windows, awning windows feature pivot hinges that allow the sash to open from the bottom. Although their sizes and functions are different from standard windows, awning windows share similar installation and repair processes.

If an awning window stops working properly, you may begin to dread the thought of having to pay for a complete window replacement. But before you start looking for a replacement, consider whether you can save money by simply repairing it. Here’s what you need to know about awning window replacement, repair and installation in Denver.

About awning windows

Awning windows are designed with a top hinge that allows the window to open from the bottom. They can be customized to your aesthetic and material preferences, and easily match the exterior or interior of your home. Placing awning windows underneath the windows allows for maximum ventilation so you can enjoy an incredible view without worrying about airflow.

The location of these windows depends on the layout and exterior design of your home. Casement windows should be placed in areas with plenty of space, as they can obstruct walkways when open. This can limit placement options due to these minor drawbacks. However, awning windows provide a cost-effective ventilation technique for your home.

Installation costs will vary due to factors such as preferred materials, manufacturer’s pricing and the size of the installed window. Fortunately, you can choose cost-effective materials such as fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl to keep your awning windows within your budget. Learn more by getting a quote from your local Denver window company.

Common problems with awning windows

Like other types of windows, awning windows suffer from common problems that may require simple repair.

Faulty support hardware

Your window hardware may need to be repaired or replaced, rather than the entire window. Awning-type windows have hinges located at the top that help the window open and stay open. If your window does not stay open on its own, it may simply be a faulty hinge.

Open to air currents

Weatherstripping helps seal windows and prevents drafts from entering your home. Denver’s fierce weather can expose leaks in weather stripping or window frames. Luckily, replacing weather stripping is a low-cost solution to awning window repair. Be sure to discuss the size and type of window with your repair specialist so that your window weatherstripping is replaced correctly. Avoiding window drafts can also help save money on your home’s energy costs.

Damaged glass

Accidents or even Mother Nature can cause damage to awning window glass. Always use caution when handling broken glass and call a Denver window specialist to determine if the glass can be repaired or replaced.

Who do I call to repair an awning window?

When it comes to awning window repair, be sure to contact a company with skilled professionals and a track record of success. JDI Windows is a local home improvement company serving the Denver metro area.

Contact us for affordable home improvement and window repair options, along with long-term energy saving solutions. You’ll receive a free estimate for awning window repair, as well as the most affordable options for your home.