Altius Windows

Engineered for Colorado Homes

Altius Windows


Heavy duty multi-chambered, dual-wall extrusion provides needed rigidity, insulation and durability


Heavy-duty, fin-seal weatherstripping adds dual and triple seals against air and water infiltration on frame and sash

Extra Protection

You can also add double-strength glass if needed in your area



Low-profile, exterior master frame enhances aesthetic appeal and water management


Positive interlock system creates the ultimate weather seal and enhances security at the meeting rail


Unique, internal sash weep system drains efficiently, to preserve glass seal life


Dual sash pull rails for easier opening and closing in tight areas or getting around larger furniture pieces

Slider Windows Only

Altius utilizes the least corrosive materials available, like nylon rollers with stainless steel axles and an aluminum reinforced frame that will not rust.

Other Altius Features

NumberMaximum Daylight

Larger glass viewing area provides up to 40% more daylight than wide-frame windows.

NumberLow-profile Frame

Narrow frame and interlock provide superior thermal performance and energy efficiency.

NumberDurable Construction

Fusion-welded, one-piece frame provides unmatched durability, longevity and performance.

Double-Strength GlassDouble-Strength Glass

Fusion-welded, one-piece frame provides unmatched durability, longevity and performance.

Sound-Abatement GlassSound-Abatement Glass

If you live in a noisy area, ask about specialty glass designed to reduce unwanted noise infiltration.

Gas Fill GlassGas Fill

Argon gas (six times denser than air) is sealed between the glass panes to increase insulation and reduce energy loss.

NumberSuperior Seal

Weep holes are covered by small baffles, providing superior protection against insect intrusion. No wind or rain blow back and reduced drafts. People care about 9 pcs of Weatherstrip that help eliminate drafts and dirt.

NumberCustom Fit

Custom sizes ensure a perfect fit for virtually any application around your home.

NumberBuilt for Longevity

Integrated Pull Rails (IPR) allow you to handle the screen from anywhere along the edge and will never break off like pull tabs can.

Spacer Systems Spacer Systems

Glass panes are separated by a spacer system that helps seal in functional gases and create an airtight seal.

The non-metallic foam Super Spacer® is nonconductive and reduces energy transference and unwanted noise.

NumberGlass Packages

– Glass packages available AR3

– Three Coats LowE & Argon Gas

– U-factor range of: .25-29

– SHGC range of: .18-25

Explore Window Operating Styles

Single Hung Window

Single Hung

Single Hung windows provide a timeless and classical aesthetic. The bottom sash slides vertically and tilts in for easy cleaning from inside the home.

Single Slider Window

Single Slider

Slider windows glide horizontally to increase ventilation. Available in 2 – or 3-lite configurations.

End Vent Slider Window

End Vent Slider

3-lite Sliders have a fixed center window with operable end vents, delivering an expanded opening that allows for more daylight and better air flow.

Casement Window


Casements offer maximum ventilation and are the most energy-efficient windows available. The crank-operated hinged sash opens easily outward and can be cleaned from inside when fully opened.

Double Hung Window

Double Hung

Double-hung windows can be opened from both the top and bottom sashes, allowing you to control the amount and direction of airflow.

Double Slider Window

Double Slider

Like double-hung windows, double sliding windows enable you to control the amount and direction of airflow by sliding either or both sashes horizontally.

Picture Window


Picture windows offer an expansive, unhindered view. Because they are fixed in place with no moveable sash, they deliver superior weather resistance.

Specialty Shapes Window

Specialty Shapes

Available in a variety of circular, arched and linear designs

Specialty Shapes Window

Specialty Shapes

Available in a variety of circular, arched and linear designs, Operable Specialty Shape windows provide a unique, custom look that highlights your homes.

Awning window


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. Turn the crank handle and enjoy fresh air, even when it’s raining.

Mulled Windows windows

Mulled Windows

Select DaylightMax Collection windows can be mulled together into a single unit.