Storm-Resistant Windows: Protecting Your Denver Home Against Extreme Weather

Properly installed storm-resistant windows deliver the most protection available for your home’s interior. Impact glass is constructed with two layers of glass and an interlayer, offering a very durable and resilient glass component.

Winner of the 2024 Best of the Best, JDI Windows uses high-quality glass for its storm-resistant Denver windows, guaranteeing strength during any type of extreme weather.

These days, the intensity of storms is increasing drastically. From bitter snowstorms to severe rains, extreme weather could put your home at risk for serious damage. One of the most susceptible areas of your house is its windows. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Storm-resistant windows are heavy-duty window glass, guaranteeing that large hail, wind-blown debris, and other storm-related elements bypass your residence. Here’s why you should consider them whether you need to replace your old windows or install new windows in your dream home.

Shattered Glass and Stormy Weather Don’t Go Together

Stormy weather and shattered glass windows are a lethal combination for your house’s integrity. When the window pane cracks in stormy weather, rain, snow, and ice may pour in, causing great damage from leaks, flooding, and moisture damage.

Additionally, strong winds can blow in, creating a pressure cooker between the air inside and outside your home. The force may be so enormous that it blows your roof off and exposes your home to severe structural damage. Storm-resistant windows are therefore crucial in safeguarding your house, particularly when you live in an area of the country like Denver where weather extremes could cause problems all year long.

Why Storm-Resistant Windows is a Viable Option

It’s smart for Denver homeowners to invest in storm-resistant windows. The state of Colorado, including Denver, is susceptible to extreme weather like high winds, hail, and tornadoes. Blizzards can happen during the fall, winter, or spring. Choosing windows that withstand extreme weather makes sense to safeguard the value and integrity of your home.

When you install new storm-resistant windows, you will have the comfort that comes from understanding that your window glass will not shatter in a storm. Your storm-resistant windows will keep you and your loved ones secure.

The Advantages of Storm-Resistant Windows

Unlike standard windows, storm-resistant glass is constructed using a special process that makes the glass stronger when under pressure. These windows typically have laminated and tempered glass with a layer between the panes to give remarkable resistance to damage. Storm-resistant windows are an investment that can be an advantage for any Denver homeowner.

Storm protection – The most understandable advantage of installing storm-resistant windows is storm protection. Unlike standard windows, storm-resistant products are created to endure the force of a powerful storm. Since Denver is a tornado-prone area, you don’t have to worry about wind or debris breaking through your windows during extreme weather.

By installing storm-resistant products, you can avert expensive property damage that can happen during extreme weather. Furthermore, many insurance companies give discounts to homeowners who install storm-resistant windows. They are considered an extra layer of protection against adverse weather events.

Additional barrier – Providing an additional barrier against extreme temperatures and adverse weather, storm-resistant windows are available in an assortment of materials and styles, making them an excellent choice for window installation or replacement projects. With storm windows in place, you have peace of mind knowing that your home’s interior is shielded from possible drafts, temperature variations, and water damage.

Excellent insulator – Storm windows are excellent insulators, decreasing heat transfer between the exterior and interior of your house. This results in better energy efficiency and a lesser utility bill. During the cold months, storm windows help preserve heat, keeping your house warm and toasty. Equally, they obstruct excessive heat in the sweltering summer months, eliminating the strain on your air conditioner.

Soundproofing – Storm windows also deliver a soundproofing result thanks to additional layers to your windows. This could be mostly beneficial if your house is on a noisy street, next to noisy neighbors, or other causes of unwanted noise. The added insulation helps make a calm and quieter living space.

Reduce UV rays – The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can destroy the interior of your home such as fading your flooring and furnishings. Storm windows with low-emissivity coatings could drastically decrease the UV radiation going into your residence. This maintains the value of your furniture and flooring, increasing their lifespan.

Cost-effective – Installing storm-resistant windows is a cost-effective home improvement project. They are a portion of the price of totally replacing your current windows. Moreover, their energy-efficient assets could lead to continuing savings on your energy bill, making them a smart investment.

Storm-resistant windows have innate insulation properties that stop air leaks, regulating temperatures during every season. The multi-layer structure diminishes the solar heat amount coming through the windows, which decreases the chance of overworking the cooling unit.

During winter, the storm-resistant glass averts heat loss so that you can stay warm all the time. By steadying home temperatures, impact-resistant windows save you money on your utilities, regardless of the weather outside. Your HVAC does less work, increasing its lifespan.

Insurance Savings – Insurance can be a major expense for homeowners in places where extreme weather is prevalent. Many insurance providers give discounts to homeowners who invest in storm-resistant windows. By strengthening your home against storm damage, you not only lessen the possibilities of a costly claim but also enjoy lower premiums, a good way to save money and be stress-free.

Homeowners know how critical it is to safeguard their homes and those that live there. Making sure storm protection products are installed helps create a better sense of home security and can save homeowners money when the time comes to renew their home insurance policy. Having storm windows has never been more affordable and easier.

Heavy-duty materials – Most storm-resistant windows use heavy-duty materials to aid in keeping your house from caving in during extreme weather.

With regular windows, the glass and frame can break, letting destructive winds into the home. Because the outside pressure differs from the inside pressure, this condition can make the walls or roof fall. Storm-resistant glass fused with a durable frame works to stop this from occurring by keeping the wind out.

Accident-proof – Storm-resistant glass must be able to sustain the tension and pressure brought on by rain and wind as well as accidental impact from falling tree limbs or debris carried by the wind and slammed against your home with extreme force. At JDI Windows, we offer a range of storm-resistant windows that have been laminated and strengthened to deliver incredible durability.

Simple maintenance – Maintenance is effortless with storm-resistant windows. Unlike standard windows that need continuous upkeep, storm-resistant windows are made to sustain the elements and retain their reliability for years. A simple cleaning is all that’s necessary to keep them looking like new.

Increasing your home’s value – Regardless of whether this is your dream home, or you plan to move at some point, installing storm-resistant windows will increase your home’s value. Just stating your house has storm-resistant windows on the listing will be a big selling point to a prospective buyer, making your house more appealing in the Denver, CO market. Research shows that having storm-resistant windows can give your house over 65% return on your investment. You may also qualify for an energy tax credit. Over time, the cost of installing storm-resistant windows pays itself off in big dividends.

Eco-friendly – Selecting storm-resistant windows isn’t just about protecting your home. It’s also about making a good and responsible choice in windows that protect the earth. Their energy-efficient attributes decrease your carbon footprint, promoting a more sustainable future. By investing in these windows, you’re making a positive impact on the planet.

Prevent Theft – Beyond their remarkable storm protection, storm-resistant windows provide an exceptional level of home security. The same resilient construction that protects against weather damage also protects against robbers and burglars. Breaking storm-resistant windows is practically impossible thanks to their compact, strong design and several layers of glass construction. This keeps you, your loved ones, and your personal property safe. This trait makes storm windows appealing to numerous Denver homeowners due to the heightened security they provide.

Our Denver Windows Protect Against the Storms

Storm-resistant windows are an outstanding addition to your house, providing an effective and cost-effective way to protect against extreme weather.  By working as an additional layer of defense against the elements, storm-resistant windows play a vital role in sustaining your home’s value and integrity. At JDI Windows, we study the different materials and designs available for the best installation to allow you to reap the maximum benefits of storm-resistant windows.

Invest in the well-being of your house and take pleasure in a more eco-friendly, serene, and secure living space with storm-resistant installation. Contact us today.