Should I Hire a Window Company for a Casement Window Install?

Casement Windows

When you think of curb appeal on your home and general upgrades you can make to ensure your investment goes the right way, windows may not be top of the list. Many people keep the windows their home came with without much fanfare or change. But they can be a subtle yet effective way to really boost your home’s value and add some change for you and your family.

Different types of windows are going to be considered upgrades for your home depending on what kind of windows you started with. It could be frame or material related, an aesthetic change, or you could go for something different and completely unique and potentially new to your home. Casement windows are a great way to upgrade your window situation in your home without a lot of trouble and you get a lot back for your investment.

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is a type of window where the panes of the window are attached to the frame by a hinge or more on three sides. They can also be hinged at the top as well. Ultimately they’re usually paired with a common frame and able to open up to the outside. They’re common in kitchens but can be installed in any room in a home to add some aesthetic as well as outdoor access.

Things to Consider

There are some great advantages to casement windows and some things to consider. On the one hand, this type of window offers a variety of design possibilities. You can get a French window, a flat top, a pushout, a top down grille, and a lot more. You’ve got a lot of customization options. They’re also the second most energy-efficient window option you have for yourself and get excellent ventilation into the home. They’re also incredibly easy to use for virtually anyone in the family so you don’t have to worry about access issues.

Some other things to consider, however, is they can accept a window unit AC so keep that in mind when you decide where to install them in the house. They also can’t accommodate storm windows or screens. Once they’re open, they’re open so if you’ve got a large pest population in your area, keep that in mind. There are also some size limitations on casement windows so make sure you talk to a professional to get the design and placement right and up to code.

Should I Hire Help?

Yes. While it can be tempting in our world of DIY videos, you need to talk to a professional before you go installing this type of window. You’ll need to take a lot into consideration and do the right measurements and installing correctly. Don’t wing it. Talk to a professional and get your installation done right the first time and save yourself the hassle.

Talk to a professional and get started on your Denver casement window install, replacement and repair today.