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Published March 27, 2018 by Skyler Malley

awning windows

Remember going to your great-grandma’s house, only to find there were no toys and nothing to do? Remember wandering around the house until your imagination kicked in and you found yourself using things around her house to entertain yourself? Like those fun windows, you pretended were part of your car, by cranking them open and closed. Those windows don’t have to be limited to your great-grandma. Why not relive that memory every day by installing awning windows in your home?


Awning windows or “those crank windows” tend to have longer width than height. They are low maintenance and are more energy-efficient than slider windows. Love the smell of rain? Awning windows can be open during a rainstorm and let in all that beautiful rain smell but none of the terrible rainwater damage. They crank open only a few inches, but It’s enough for air to flow freely, putting the fresh air in and taking that horrible stinky day-old tilapia smell out.

Right now, you may be tempted to replace all your windows with awning, but awning windows don’t work with every situation. When used in the right location and way, they can be a beautiful feature in any home.


Awning windows only open a few inches. If they open too wide, the window won’t be able to support itself and can become damaged. They work best in areas that are harder to reach, like over the kitchen sink or counters, over the bathtub, or anywhere that it would be hard to slide open a sash. The crank makes opening and closing windows a breeze.

Speaking of breezes, the design of the open window catches the breeze and will give you better airflow than a standard slider window. The awning protects you inside from the elements so you don’t need to stress if you opened the windows before you left for work and it started to rain during the day.

Awning windows look fantastic. There are now lines interrupting your view of the outside world. The single sash allows maximum light into your home.

Unfortunately, Awning windows can only be cleaned from the outside. If you enjoy climbing up a ladder while caring for cleaning supplies, then it’s no problem for you! For those that are more vertically challenged or don’t enjoy heights or climbing while trying to carry things, it’s probably best that the awning windows remain on the ground level. You may even want to rethink installing them in your window well unless you want to hang out with spiders while you scrub.

Keep in mind that having the awning window at ground level can still cause a problem or two. The awning moves outward, and this can cause issues for a clumsy, unobservant, or distracted passerby, bumping heads or shins, or elbows, or whatever body part is at the level of the awning could become a hazard so avoid placing the windows in areas like decks or patios.

As a child, spinning the crank is what saved you from dying from boredom at your great-grandma’s house, but if the crank is turned too tightly or too much, it can cause damage to the mechanism.


If you haven’t run off from the drawbacks of awning windows yet, they may be right for you. Awning windows are a great feature that can add a lot to the right space in your home. They can be easily installed in an existing window frame. If you want to learn more about installing or replacing an awning window, JDI can answer your questions. Whether you are looking to replace an old, outdated awning window or trade a slider window out for a beautiful awning window, our experts can help you get exactly what you are looking for. We use the best quality windows and budget-friendly prices. Call us today.

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