What Are Thermal Gard Windows Made of?

If you are familiar with the window industry you may be aware of Thermal Gard windows. They are manufactured in the United States and some of the best windows offered at our Denver Window Company. In the new-construction and replacement window market, Thermal Gard windows offer attention to detail, and durability that other windows do now have. This is because they are made of fiberglass in many instances.

Thermal Gard

Types of Thermal Gard Windows

Double Hung

The Double-Hung window features two tilt in and sliding operable sashes. This makes it popular because it is incredibly versatile. It can be combined with other windows as well, which means that it is not a one-and-done. Make a statement and put a double hung window with a few other types, such as bows or bays.


The Slider offers benefits of the Double Hung but in a different way. With horizontally sliding sashes, you can combine the slider with a fixed widow and have a bay or bow effect as well. Then, you can decide to add it without the added dimensional construction.


Casement windows are often a nice alternative to double hung windows. They provide a straight up appearance and no sash through the middle. With a crank for ease of use, these windows easily move in and out. They do need to be maintained, but come in many forms, whether that be single, double, or triple venting.


An awning unit offers many of the same features as the Casement unit, but they open horizontally. It may be combined with a picture window if you wish to have it be a bit different than the average set up.


The Hopper model is commonly used in the basement of homes. With a hinge on the bottom, it opens at the top. They are constructed similarly to the double hung and slider models.

Special Shape

If you are wishing to have something even more unique, consider a specialty shape. This allows you to open the window more and show off the outdoor from inside your home. For example, consider an exciting shape, or something that is very large, almost as big as the entire wall. It allows you to have creative freedom with your home and windows.

Bay or Bow

Although one of the more common styles, bay and bow frames are custom sized to your specifications. They are available in many different options, including, bay, box-bay, and three, four, or six lite bow configurations. Each unit can be made however you wish. This makes them very unique. Each opening may consist of any combination of a normal picture or operation unit, like a casement and double-hung windows.

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