How Do I Choose Replacement Windows?

Old and dusty window with worn frame and opaque glazing

The windows of your home are important. They reflect what is going on inside, and also help to keep the home insulated. Different styles can completely change the look of a home. Additionally, replacing your windows can allow your home to be more energy efficient. Overall, when your windows are getting old or not functioning properly, you need to know that it is time to replace them and what to replace them with.

Window Styles

When replacing an old window, you may want to get similar windows to what you already have. This would be if you love the windows and want to keep the style the same. Despite this, you do not have to do that. Rather, you can pick a new style to give your home a new look. Common styles include:

  • Bow
  • Bay
  • Casement
  • Double-hung
  • Garden
  • Picture
  • Slider


It is important to choose windows that complement your home’s architecture. For example, contemporary homes usually have casement and slider windows. Most often a traditional house looks better with awning or double-hung windows, while a farmhouse-style home typically has bay or bow windows.


Older windows are usually made with a single pane, and having to replace them is usually the better choice. This is because these are typically not very energy-efficient. Double or triple-paned windows are much better for your energy bill because they will insulate your home. They can also keep things a lot more quiet inside by blocking out noise.

Quality Construction

Your replacement windows should guarantee weathertight construction. This is because you will want toensure they have been fusion-welded for strength and durability. You should also look for glass that is effective at blocking harmful UV rays.


We only offer products with an installation guarantee. We will install your products during the hot and the cold. We can give you a true timeframe for installation. Rather than install on your own, Local Window Companies are your best option.

Frame Material

There are different materials. Some offer better value than others. Therefore, you should compare window frame materials. Consider the insulating value, energy efficiency, and how easy it will maintain. There are both good sides and bad sides to different materials. Only you can decide what is important to you and within your budget.

Color and Design

You want to have a choice when it comes to windows. This is why we offer a variety of colors and designs. We can also offer customized options in the exact color and design you need.


Every aspect of your home requires maintenance and your windows are no different. If you clean and maintain them properly then they will be better off. It will also depend on the material and style. Vinyl is one of the easiest types of material to maintain.