Tips for Childproofing Windows for Households with Young Children

Childproofing is taking steps to make your house safe for your little ones. Since opening windows helps with ventilation, window safety is of utmost importance. Especially where babies and toddlers are concerned. Read on to get some tips on how to childproof your windows.

Young children quickly develop new movement skills. Therefore, parents and guardians must have a window safety plan in place to stop babies and toddlers from opening the windows.

Replace or Repair Windows

As windows get older, their components decline. Wooden frames could decompose, becoming frail. The locks could stick, making them non-functional. Moreover, older windows might also have problems with leaks and drafts, which can decrease the level of energy efficiency.

Spotting old windows to replace or repair is an excellent childproofing starting point. Besides creating a safer living space for your children, new windows might help enhance your property’s value, making it a good investment too.

Childproof Locks

If your children can easily open a window, it becomes a hazard. This is where childproof locks become helpful. These locks are available in numerous designs, so whether your windows slide, lift, or crank open, it is effortless to find a childproof lock that works for you.

Window Guards

Window guards usually look like metal bars across a window. Attached to a home’s exteriors, they stop children from going through an open window. Since they let windows remain open, window guards can be a better choice than locks. If you don’t like the look of bars across your windows, mesh window guards are another option.

Mesh window guards are well-liked with parents seeking a more visually appealing option. They look like window screens and are hardly noticeable from afar. Additionally, the close-fitting mesh stops children from accidentally throwing toys and other objects out of a window.

Window Stoppers

Window stoppers are another efficient way to stop children from opening a window. They are simple to install and can be used with several window designs and sizes, making them very versatile. By attaching a window stopper to a window, you can rest easily, appreciating that children can’t open a window wide enough to climb out.

Window Alarms

Window alarms that sound off when windows are open provide another valuable childproof window safety mechanism. Motion-sensing alarms alert you immediately when a window opens, assisting in avoiding accidental falls. Window alarms provide another advantage by letting you know if you have an unwanted intruder.

Contact JDI Windows for a Safer Alternative

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We can install new Denver windows that will be safe for babies, toddlers, and even pets. Contact us for a free consultation and learn about all our window services.