What Are the Parts of a Window?

What Are the Parts of a Window?

Windows have become a dynamic and versatile part of your home, as there’s a multitude of options available. Knowing the various components that make up a window can be a helpful tool in making your decision. Whether you’re buying windows for a new home, or simply looking for replacement windows from a Denver window company, having this information can help you choose the right window for any space or situation.

Basic Parts of the Window Frame

The window fame is what surrounds the panes of glass for a window. There are five major components that comprise this part of the window. The horizontal piece that makes up the top part of the frame is called the head, and the horizontal piece that comprises the bottom part is called the window sill. The vertical sides that complete the frame are known as jambs.

While the frame might just look like it is simply those three pieces, there are two other components that complete it. Weep holes are put into the bottom of frames that are made of vinyl or metal. These are holes that allow for precipitation to drain away. The final component of the frame of a window is the apron, which is an optional decorative part that is installed right below the sill.

Parts of the Sash That Let You Open the Window

The window sash is what holds the pane of glass, and it is moveable to allow you to open the window. The glass is simply known as the pane, and are held in place by the window rails – which are the top and bottom parts of the sashes. If you have double-hung windows, there will be four rails, two on the top and two on the bottom.

The sash lock is what allows you to lock your windows in place to keep your home secure. The handle that raises and lowers the sash is known as the lift. Another common component of the sash in double- and triple-pane windows are spacers. These help insulate the windows and hold the panes in place. Another protective part of the sash is weatherstripping, which is an optional protection that delivers protection against the elemets.

Other Parts of Your Windows

Not all windows are created equal. The basic components are listed above, but there are a few other terms you might hear – or be on the lookout for – when you’re shopping for replacement windows. One of the main things is casing, which is the molding around the window frame on the outside of the house. This provides a seal to prevent the outdoor air from getting into your home. If the window is comprised of a single, stationary window, that is called a fixed panel. These windows don’t open.

For more information on the components that make up your windows, or for an explanation of any other terminology around your replacement windows, contact the window experts in Denver at JDI Windows today.