Can Double-Pane Windows Be Repaired?

Double-pane windows are a great option for preserving energy efficiency in your home. These types of windows contain two panes of glass that are separated by air or different gas that helps insulation. The insulating gas is more energy efficient, because it is denser than the air on the outside of the panes of glass – helping to slow the transfer of heat and cold air.

The construction of double-pane windows is a little more complex than the simpler single-pane windows, meaning more questions arise when there is a need for repair or replacement. Here’s some information on double-pane windows and how to get them repaired with the help of a trusted Denver window company.

Broken Glass in Double-Pane Windows

If the glass is broken inside of a double-pane window, it cannot be repaired as both panes of glass will have to be replaced.  This will make sure that your window maintains its level of efficiency. It might not be required to replace everything with the window. If the rest of the window apparatus hasn’t been damaged, only the glass can be replaced.

Double-pane windows are utilized to make them more energy efficient. When that glass is compromised, it makes it easier for air to travel through the window. This can quickly alter how well the window works, and can allow that annoying cold air to get in during the winter – or allow warm air in during the summer. This can put stress on your furnace and air conditioner, which increases your energy bill.

Do Both Panes Need Replacement?

One of the major contributing factors to the efficiency of double-pane windows is the gas that’s found between the panes. This is what helps maintain the temperature inside your home more consistently, allowing for your air conditioner and furnace to work more smoothly. Once that gas escapes from between the windows, the windows will not insulate properly.

If one of the panes is broken, both panes should be replaced at the same time. The structure of the window went through some trauma that compromised one of the panes glass. Just because the other pane looks fine doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken damage, as well. Replacing both will ensure the integrity of both panes of glass is intact.

It’s important that double-pane windows be replaced by a professional. There are specific tools required to make sure the damaged panes are removed properly, and that they get replaced with the proper air or gas between the new panes. Make sure to contact a trusted Denver window company before attempting to replace a double-pane window yourself.

Broken windows are no fun for anyone, and they usually need to be replaced right away to keep your home safe and secure. For more information on double-pane windows, and how to replace them, reach out to Denver’s window experts at JDI Windows today.