How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

There are a number of reasons windows might need to be replaced, and they most certainly don’t last forever. Keeping the elements outside so you can enjoy the comfort of your home is a tough task. Windows should generally last at least 15 years before contacting a trusted Denver window company about replacing them, as this is when seals commonly start to weaken.

Maximize Your Windows for Efficiency

Age of the windows is a factor, but another priority has to be energy efficiency. Many older windows have just a single pane, and those were the standard product a couple of decades ago. Modern double-pane windows provide much more insulation, which leads to improved comfort and less expensive energy bills.

This is a long process, but even energy-efficient windows become less effective over time. A big clue to this happening is an increase in your electric bills. Windows slowly losing their efficiency will make it more taxing on your heating and air conditioning systems to keep your home at your comfort level. This means electric bills will start to get a bit higher. If those bills are going up for no other reason, it might be an indication that your windows are becoming less efficient.

Take a Look at Changes in Your Windows

Not all windows are created equal, and there are a number of other situations that might call for them to replaced earlier than you think. If your windows are visibly damaged, it’s important to get them replaced right away. Not only can this allow for moisture to seep through the cracks, but a visibly broken window can make an easy target for home intruders.

Things like condensation on the inside of the glass is an indication that the windows are leading air. The humidity in your home inside your home is causing this. If the condensation is between the panes of glass on a double-pane window, it’s also a sign that one of the seals has been compromised. Condensation on the outside of the glass is normal, as that indicates the humidity is higher outside the house than inside.

Pay Attention to Light and Sound

Windows don’t always give telltale signs of wear by looking at them, but you can get clues by checking out other things around them. Many modern windows provide ultra-violet protection through low-emissivity glass. This keeps your furniture and treasured photographs from fading, and it can also keep your home cooler by blocking more UV rays.

Your eyes aren’t the only things that can give you clues. If things outside seem noisier than they used to – such as traffic or neighbors or anything that just seems louder – it might be a clue that your windows are becoming less efficient. Many windows that have two or three panes will dampen the sound from the outside because of the extra layer of insulation. That increased volume from outside could be those windows losing their effectiveness.

Like many things, windows wear out over time. That deterioration is a slow process, and there is no set timetable that every window follows. For more information on window replacement, or to get a consultation as to whether or not it’s time for a change, contact the experts at JDI Windows today.