Common Signs that Your Windows Need Replacing

When to replace windows is a question on the minds of many Denver homeowners. Besides making your home energy efficient, replacing the windows could increase your home’s value if you ever decide to sell.

Whether you want to save on your energy bill or you’re thinking about selling your home, we’ll help you realize when to replace your windows.

Continue reading for several common signs. After you finish, it might be time to call a Denver windows replacement company.

How Long Do Windows Last?

Home windows typically have a lifespan of somewhere between 15-20 years. When they reach this age, the seals begin to deteriorate, leaving you susceptible to seeping water and drafts.

Timing is a vital factor when you’re formulating a window replacement project. You do not need to eliminate your old windows until they begin to diminish your quality of life. This is why you must know how to detect the signs of window failure.

Signs It’s Time for New Windows

They’re Old

The age of your windows is a good sign of when your windows require replacing. Even though old windows may still be operational, there’s an excellent chance they’re not effective. As a rule of thumb, windows that are more than 20 years old should be replaced.

If you’ve resided in your home for years and never had window replacement service, they are probably the original windows of the house. Replacing your windows will keep you current with the newest window technology.

Newer replacement windows are crafted to stop air from flowing in and out of your home. They also prevent UV rays from coming inside your home through your windows. UV rays cause your furnishings and carpeting to fade. Currently, many windows use something called Low E glass. This glass type aids in retaining a consistent temperature in your residence all year long.

When They Won’t Open

If your windows won’t open, it’s time for replacements. Windows that won’t open are a real obstacle. For one, they are useless. Being able to open your windows during seasonal changes can decrease cooling and heating costs. There is also a safety issue. It is a significant safety risk not being able to open your windows. If there is a house fire, your windows might be the only escape route.

Aging windows have balance problems which leads to jamming and sticking. The development of mold or rot might also play a part, indicating that your present windows are coming close to the end of their lifecycle.

When It’s Hot

Windows aren’t just for aesthetic appeal. They also aid in ventilating your home. If your house is very hot when your windows are closed, they may require replacing. Older windows don’t have the most effective insulation. The right insulation keeps heat out when the sun shines on your windows. New, energy-efficient windows can decrease your energy bill by over 10%.

This will also lessen the exertion on your HVAC unit causing it to function less than it would with older windows. Several different window style options provide ventilation with open windows. Opening windows around your home allows cool air to circulate, increasing comfortability while saving you money and usage on air conditioning.

Hearing Outside Noise

Windows should provide sound control and older windows lack in this area. If outside noises bother you, it’s time to replace your windows. Windows are supposed to offer acoustic insulation to decrease the volume of external noise you hear inside your residence.

Selecting a window type that functions for the level of noise pollution around your house can lessen your anxiety and enhance your comfort level.

Visible Damage

While this one should be obvious, the consequences of not replacing cracked windows are not always understandable. Windows that are visibly damaged must be replaced sooner than later.

You can have damage to the glass or the frame. The frame might be frayed or warped. The window glass could be broken. If your window has water damage, you need to get it replaced immediately to stop water from coming inside your residence.

Broken windows can adversely affect your home in numerous ways including:

  • Producing mold and mildew
  • Creating an opening for pests
  • Decreasing the amount of heat and cool air that stays inside your home
  • Allowing outside noise to come inside

More importantly, broken windows make your house a target for criminals. If any of your windows are broken, get window replacement service as soon as possible.

Feeling a Draft

Windows are a major spot for cool air or heat to escape your residence. Energy bills are usually a significant amount of money. Don’t waste more money by letting the heat and air conditioning out of your windows.

Drafty windows can also cause a surge in humidity, increasing your home’s risk for mildew and mold growth. If you feel a draft when you’re close to your windows or there is condensation inside the window and it’s cold to the touch, you should replace them. New replacement windows are formulated to keep the weather outside.

Doing Renovations

Getting replacement windows isn’t just for when your windows aren’t functioning properly. It’s common to replace your windows to enhance the visual appeal of your house. If you’re doing home renovations, picking new windows can alter the look of your house, expressing your personality and design goals.

It’s ideal to replace all your windows at the same time, even if you aren’t renovating. Even though only a couple of windows might have problems, the others might soon follow.

Window replacement service lets you customize every detail of your new windows. You can decide the frame thickness, the decorative grids, and the color. Windows are crucial when expressing your style since they are visible outside and inside your house. Getting new windows is an excellent chance to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Unattractive Curb Appeal

Windows are typically one of the first things an individual notices about a house. Whether you want to replace your windows to enhance the curb appeal of your house, boost your property’s value, or just want to renovate the style, replacing older windows is an excellent upgrade.

Selling Your Home

Replacing your old windows will deliver a substantial return on your investment if you decide to sell your home. Potential home buyers adore new windows that are stylish and energy-efficient. New windows will boost your curb appeal, letting you market contemporary windows’ comfort advantages like effective temperature regulation and decreased exterior noise.

It’s better to replace your windows before you decide to sell your home.

Condensation Inside Your Windows

Do your windows sweat on cold days? Condensation could indicate that the glazing on your current window is losing its efficiency. Because of deteriorating seals, moisture can find its way between the panes and produce condensation. Condensation inside your windows typically means your house is humid and/or your windows are leaking air.

If you see condensation between the panes of your windows, it’s an indicator that the air-tight seal has weakened, and the insulating gas has leaked. Whether it’s between or inside the panes, seeing condensation anywhere except your windows’ exteriors is a clear sign they must be replaced.

High Energy Bills

As your old windows get to the end of their life, little leaks and cracks will begin to develop between the frames. When the air-tight seal between the frames and the glass panes becomes damaged, you will have to replace your windows to prevent the drafts in your home. The tiny cracks and holes between the glass panes will let cold air come into your house. This will consistently increase the total cost of your energy bill every month.

Faded Furniture and Carpet

If the carpet, rugs, décor, or furniture that is unprotected from the sunlight coming through your windows has faded, your windows most likely don’t have the UV protection provided by contemporary windows with low-emissivity (low-E) glass. Low-E glass has a microscopic film that prevents UV rays from coming through. This stops your drapes, carpeting, and furnishings from fading while keeping your house cooler.

Your Allergies are Worse than Normal

Do you have watery eyes or are you sniffling worse than usual? Based on the time of year, allergens could be making their way into your house through inefficiently sealed windows. Even high-quality window seals deteriorate over time. Therefore, if it’s been over 15 years since your windows were installed, you should replace them so you can breathe better and make your house a healthier place.

Get Replacement Windows with JDI Windows in Denver

If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s time to eliminate your old windows and replace them with new energy-efficient ones. At JDI Windows, we offer an assortment of window styles to match any home architectural style. Contact us today to find out more and schedule your free consultation.