What A Stunning View Can Do for Your State of Mind

picture windows

Winter may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the cold weather blues are gone. The best way to chase away the blues is to brighten your view. There are many benefits to adding natural light to your home. Any darkroom can benefit from a change of view and extra natural light. The best way to make this change from dark and dreary to bright and happy is by using picture windows. Picture windows offer the lightest and best views. Picture windows will save you energy and can improve your productivity just by letting in the most light.


Imagine the darkest room in your home, lit up. You probably use lamps or light fixtures, but excessive use of these tools not only put you in a funk, but can also cost you money. The many benefits of sunlight outweigh artificial light on the body. It can also ease the pain on the wallet. Turning off those blaring LED bulbs means less energy spent brightening up a room and your mood.


The news seems to always have a public service announcement about how excessive screen use will ruin your sleep cycle. This isn’t just true for screens. The way you light a room can change your sleep pattern too. This doesn’t mean you should live in a cave, but you can put this information to work for you.

If you are feeling tired and groggy during the day, the best way to combat that mid-afternoon slump is to brighten your space. If a lack of light turns melatonin on, the best way to turn it off is more light. Filling the room with natural light is the best way to kick the afternoon sleepy feeling in the butt.

The use of natural light has been proven to up productivity. Those days of feeling “meh” don’t have to last. Using more natural light can jumpstart your brain and body and get you over that productivity slump.

When you’re ready to wind down, then utilize some decorative curtains or blinds to reduce the light and let your melatonin flow.


Natural light may be something you’ve been yearning for in your dark rooms but felt you could never achieve. Even the darkest rooms can overcome being “natural light challenged” with new windows. Picture windows let in the most natural light. Having large windows in a dark space will not only let in more natural light but can also make that room feel larger and more welcoming. That room you’ve been avoiding for years may become your favorite place in the house after adding beautiful picture windows.

There is no need to wait to turn that dark and depressing space into a paradise for your mind and mood. Why not give picture windows a try? They may be just what you need to turn those winter blues into spring fever!