How to Create A Comfortable Reading Nook


Finding the perfect place to read may seem like a simple task. Plop down on a couch or bed and start reading, right? But the avid bookworm knows that comfortable reading isn’t that easy. On a couch, you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the home. People are wandering around, watching TV, asking you questions like “where are my keys?” and “Why are you taking up the whole couch?” In a bed, you risk turning your reading time into nap time.  But the perfect reading nook isn’t as far away as you think. Creating that reading getaway can be done in any home.

Look for Light

The first thing any reading nook needs is light. Natural light is often the best for reading, but can you make it happen? If you have a window, you have light. The ideal spot for your nook would be next to a clear, bright window. If you have bay windows, then you have the perfect set up for your reading nook.

Bay windows are like a cradle for the reader, wrapping you up in light and comfort. While bay windows are ideal, any large window can do the trick. While all windows let in light, bay windows will surround the reader in a cocoon of natural light.

Getting Comfortable

Sitting on the floor under a window isn’t really the best way to make a reading nook. For a dedicated reading space, investing in a special reading chair, couch, or bench may be the best way. Whatever seating apparatus you desire, it’s best if it is out of the middle of high traffic.  Reading where people are doing other activities can make it difficult to dive into the book.

Bay windows can act as the perfect buffer. Putting a bench or chair in the nest of a bay window pulls you out of the chaos of your home and into the adventure that awaits you in the pages. Bay windows create a feeling of separation. They are perfect for adding a cushioned bench or lounge chair.

If you don’t have bay windows, adding them to your home is a possibility. Bay windows not only create a perfect reading spot, but they also add value to your home. An expert can advise you on how to change your current window into bay windows.

Extra Add-ons

Once you have your seating set up, you can add extra flair like pillows and curtains or even a small lamp for night time reading. Adding these extra touches to your bay windows will not only create your reading area, but also make your house feel more like a home.

Rearranging the furniture in your room can free up the space for your bay window to really shine as the new reading getaway.

If you have been dreaming of that perfect bay window reading nook, your dreams can be realized by installing new or replacement bay windows. Don’t let another good book be spoiled by uncomfortable reading. We can help you make your bay window reading nook dreams come true today.