How To Prepare a New Window For Installation

Getting new windows installed is a comprehensive process. It’s more than just simply taking out the old and putting in the new. Steps need to be taken to ensure the process goes smoothly, and to ensure that installation of replacement windows has the best chance to last for years to come. Even before the Denver window company arrives, these are a few tips to optimize the process.

Get Things Cleaned Up

Prepare the whole space around the windows to give the installation experts plenty of room, and to protect anything of value that might be around where they’ll be working. Outside, it’s important to get things out of the way like patio furniture, planters, any yard signs or flags or anything that might be in the way. If there is any foliage from bushes or trees blocking the space, they should be trimmed to allow the most space to work comfortable.

On the inside of the house, furniture near the window should also be moved, as well anything like pictures or televisions that are hanging on the wall. This could impede the process. You don’t want your important belongings damaged during the process, and the window installation company also doesn’t want these items damaged. Keeping the area free of these things inside and out will me the process go more smoothly.

Protect the Area, Inside and Out

Once the area is clean and clear, it’s time to protect those things that couldn’t be moved. Remove any window coverings like curtains or blinds, as well as window treatments to allow for more access. Cover your floors to protect them from the windows being replaced. This will keep your floors from getting scratched, or carpet from getting dusty or dirty.

Replacing windows isn’t light work, and there will be plenty of heavy items brought into your house. Cover up items that can’t be removed and need to be protected. There can be a lot of dust with these projects sometimes, and taking these kinds of precautions to protect them will prevent unnecessary damage and keep things tidy.

Allow for Easy Access

The easier it is to get to the area of window replacement, the better it’s going to be for everyone. The workers will be able to get their tasks done more quickly and easily, and you can rest assured that nothing will accidentally get damaged. Clearing the workspace means more than just moving items away. Make sure to keep children and pets at bay while the window replacement crew is doing their work.

Depending on the time of the appointment, you might not be at home during the time of the window installation. Preparing your home beforehand will allow for the window replacement crew to get started – and finished – more efficiently. If you won’t be at home for the appointment, don’t forget to disable security systems and make arrangements to make sure they have access in the house.

From new builds to replacements, window installation should be performed by a trusted Denver window company. For more information on how to get prepared for new window installation, contact the experts at JDI Windows today.