What Are the Best Rated Hurricane Impact Windows?

Storms can cause no end of damage, and your home is not immune to the effects of the elements. You can protect what’s most important to you by preparing your windows for an oncoming storm. The rain and high winds that come along with a hurricane have notoriously wreaked havoc on windows, so knowing the best options for impact windows can provide defense against these harsh storms.

There are numerous companies out there that offer impact windows or storm windows, and wading through them to discover which product will be best for you can be a bit daunting. Here are a few of the most notable and trusted options in the industry:

CGI Sentinel & PGT WinGuard Are Industry Leaders

Impact windows are designed to withstand the impact against objects. Two of the most trusted names in the space are CGI Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors, and PGT Custom Windows & Doors. CGI’s Sentinel line is known for durability, energy efficiency and reasonable price tag. They offer a variety of impact windows from casement, horizontal rolling, fixed, single hung and project out.

PGT WinGuard is also well known for their ability to withstand the extreme force of storms. They also provide great noise reduction and reduce air infiltration, and come with one of the most highly-regarded warranties in the space. Like CGT, they can deliver for casement, fixed architecture, horizontal rollers, pictures and single-hung windows.

Andersen & Kolbe Deliver Multiple Options

Andersen Windows’ Storm Watch line provides some versatile options for impact windows by offering multiple series. The A-Series is known as the toughest against storms, while the E-Series offers a variety of design choices while still delivering top notch protection. Their most affordable line is the 400 Series, but all of them include multiple glass choices for things like sound reduction, insulation and UV resistance. In 2019, Andersen was recognized with the Sustained Excellence Award as the Energy Star partner of the year.

Kolbe is often recognized as one of the premier companies for hurricane impact windows. By offering multiple series, they can deliver a specific solution for numerous situations. They provide three series options for storm windows in Forgent, Heritage, and Ultra. The Heritage and Ultra series are well-known for their energy efficiency and top-notch durability, while the Forgent line delivers a strong hybrid comprised of a UV stable polymer and fiberglass.

In areas with extreme weather conditions – especially those with high winds – the importance of impact windows cannot be overlooked. There are numerous brands and styles out there, all with different benefits. All of the brands named here are tested and reliable, and can protect your home in a variety of ways. From UV protection to noise reduction to getting the right fit for your architectural style, there is a lot that can go into this decision. For more information on the best option for hurricane impact windows or any type of storm windows, contact the experts at JDI Windows today.