Garden Window Maintenance

Ventana de jardín

Garden windows are a great addition to any kitchen. They add natural light and beauty to the interior and exterior of your home and even improve air flow in stuffy rooms. Garden windows are also the perfect indoor sanctuary for your plants and flowers.

Bring the outdoors inside by adding a garden seat. You’ll have added color with herbs, flowers and plants right in your kitchen. Learn more about the benefits, care and maintenance of garden windows in this brief guide.

An indoor garden for your home

Garden windows consist of an extended seat or shelf for plant placement. This window extends from your home and includes two smaller side windows that open to increase air flow and a “fixed” front-facing window. They usually provide full sunlight through a glass roof that is perfect for plants. In addition, garden windows ensure that rainwater drains away smoothly with a slightly pitched roof.

Garden windows are a popular choice for Denver homes. They appeal to nature lovers and homeowners alike, as they are great for housing plants or starting seedlings for year-round gardens. No matter the season, garden windows increase sunlight and improve home ventilation. Use these windows to showcase your favorite native flowers, begin garden preparation, or simply to provide a beautiful backdrop of the Colorado landscape to your kitchen.

Denver Garden Windows

Installing a garden window in your Denver home is a great way to bring natural light into your space. However, due to the amount of glass panels present, it can be more difficult to save energy with this type of window. When choosing a garden window, keep these essential energy-saving tips in mind to make your window as energy efficient as possible:

  • Choose frames that are made of wood, vinyl or aluminum to ensure an airtight seal and block moisture. These frames also help the glass panels fit securely, cutting off excess air flow.
  • Choose a garden window with a lower U-factor. The U-factor is an important energy rating that measures airflow through the glass panels. A lower rating means higher insulation efficiency.
  • The amount of radiant heat that windows let in is measured using the solar heat gain coefficient, or SHGC. To save the maximum amount of energy in your garden window, look for glass with a low-e coating to keep out radiant heat.

Keep in mind that overhanging garden windows can also interfere with outdoor walking paths and other features. Find out the best location for your new garden window by contacting a JDI Windows professional.

Denver Garden Windows – Replacement, repair and installation – JDI Windows

Installing garden windows with your own hands is an option, but it is difficult to achieve proper installation techniques while ensuring maximum energy efficiency. If you already have a garden window or are looking to install a new one, contact JDI Windows for all your installation and repair needs. Contacting a local professional ensures that the job is completed correctly.

Garden windows truly transform a room. They create a welcoming atmosphere for your home while bringing the tranquil Denver outdoors into your space.Thank you for your support and confidence in our services.