Should I Replace My Patio Doors?

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If you are a homeowner, you know that the stress of constant repairs and maintenance projects can really get you down. Not only is it a strain on the pocketbook, but it also gets old to have every single weekend taken over with some sort of project for your home.

One big improvement project is replacing patio doors. If you have old doors that are wooden, rotting, leaking, and no longer air-tight, then you need to check out the patio doors Denver has to fit your needs and your style.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Those Patio Doors?

Is the paint chipping? Maybe they simply look awful? When your patio doors look bad, they are likely not doing much for your utility bills either. Those leaking doors are letting cold air in and your air conditioning out when the temps are stifling. You might be paying a ton of money each year that would more than pay for the replacement of the doors.

What will save you money in the long run? This is the primary question. You should also consider what may cause more damage if not taken care of. Certainly, if your doors are leaking water and elements such as rain, sleet, and snow, the damage will become inevitable.

Instead of replacing a door, you’ll end up tearing out a threshold that has rotted away, too. You may also find that bugs have made their way into the wall around the door frame, necessitating their removal as well.

Choosing What Looks Right

It may also happen that the doors on your home, including the patio doors, are old and outdated. Many homes have had new siding, fresh paint, and other improvements, but the doors are still 30 years old. It’s time to update to a modern look.

When you change a door, it changes the entire look of the exterior of the home too. Curb appeal can increase the estimated value of your home. It’s a great way to make a big difference in the curb appeal of your home.

It’s also relatively simple for a contractor to replace doors for you, though it may be a big job for a novice. Doorways may need to be widened and the door will need to be plumb and leveled correctly so that it opens and closes correctly. It’s a job for someone with experience because it looks easier than it is.

Choose a color that compliments your home and fits your personality. For example, a bright blue door or a red door might be a whimsical addition to your patio that leads to a garden area and walkway. Conversely, you may have a patio that leads to a manicured lawn and white picket fence, which dictates a white door frame and trim work.

You can choose what suits you best and the materials can be vinyl or aluminum that won’t need to be painted every again. It won’t rot either. Now you’ve killed several birds with one stone. What are you waiting for? Change those patio doors just in time for spring. Contact us today for an estimate!