Add Beauty to Your Home With Garden Windows

Published June 26, 2018 by Skyler Malley

garden windows

Garden Windows

Living in suburbia can mean you have a cookie-cutter home. When your house looks like all the other houses on your street, you may feel the desire to stand out, to be unique, yet still beautiful. A great way to add extra beauty and a touch of personality to your home is through a garden window.

Garden windows add shelving, light, and a greenhouse feature to your window. The seat board creates shelving while the four windows (two side venting windows and two fixed windows top and center) add light into your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Garden windows not only look great, but they are energy efficient. Besides the natural light flooding your room from these wonderful windows, the low E glass will help reducing energy costs, making your HVAC get some time off.

The side venting windows can provide a cross breeze providing you with cool, fresh air. The multi-locking system creates a tighter seal when the windows are closed. This keeps your energy bills lower. The welded virgin PVC vinyl frame and sturdy 1-1/4” plywood head seatboard create a garden window that is sturdy and low maintenance.

Green-Thumb Friendly

The perfect partner for you garden windows is an array of beautiful plants. If you have dreamed of lush greenery around your home, then a garden window is perfect for you. A garden window in the kitchen is the perfect place to grow herbs. Imaging cooking with fresh picked herbs right from the window sill.

If you want to expand your ideas, almost any green plant will go great in the garden window. You could grow vegetables, flowers, or any other plant you can think of.  Even succulents can thrive in a garden window.

A garden window can give you a better view of your backyard garden as well. You can bring some of your garden inside and protect it from summer storms while still letting it get the sunshine and TLC it needs.

Ways to Spruce it up

If your green thumb is more like a brown thumb, don’t fret, your garden window can be used for a multitude of ideas other than plants. A garden window is the perfect place for an aquarium. If you are a fish aficionado, then what better place for your aquatic companions than a garden window. Beta fish, the most popular pet fish, thrive with regular cycles of light and dark. A great home for your finned friend would be the garden window. Add extra love to your fishy friends by growing aquatic plants in your tank thanks to your garden window.

Another way to add a touch of you to the window would be to display your collection of sea shells, rocks, gnomes, or sun catchers, or anything else that strikes your fancy. You can create a trendy fairy house and put in the window as a conversation piece.  With a garden window, your imagination is the limit.   

If a garden window is what you’re dreaming of, we can make it come true. At JDI, our window gurus are just what you need to turn your window space into a beautiful hub of light and life. Contact us today for your consultation.

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