5 Signs it’s Time to Repair Your Windows

denver window repair

It can be easy to forget about your windows. You see them and probably use them every day, yet they are left in need of TLC. You may not even know that your windows need to be repaired. They seem to be doing their job of keeping the outside out and the inside in, but are they? Here are five signs it’s time call your Denver window repair experts


Does your window open? Does it stay open once it’s open? Maybe your window doesn’t close. These can be big problems for you and your energy bills. Maybe it’s not the opening or closing that’s the problem, maybe your windows don’t lock or unlock. If opening, closing, or locking your window is more of a workout than your spin class, then you probably need to fix those windows.

A broken lock is a huge issue. Anyone and their frog could get into your home through your window if the lock is not working.

If you have to prop open your window to keep it open, this too could be a safety hazard. Fingers or other body parts could get smashed in the window (especially little children). Don’t add hospital bills to your list of expenses.


Homes settle, storms happen, and sometimes window frames warp. Warped or damaged windows can be a big issue for your home and your energy bills. Leaving your window warped or damaged can lead to worse problems down the road. Address the issue as soon as you can.


On one of those windy days, does it feel windy inside too? If the wind is getting in, you can bet that the air from your HVAC is getting out. You might as well open your window and throw money out onto the street. Hold your hand over the window, if you feel air then you have a draft.

Did you open your window the other day and think, “whoa that’s loud!” or maybe you thought your neighbors were standing next to you in your house but in reality, they were down the street. If your windows are loud to open or close, or if they let in too much noise, then you need a fix and fast.


You shut and locked your windows before bed, but in the morning, they are frosty or foggy. Watch during those crazy snowstorms or extra cold nights for frost the next day. If it’s been extra rainy, then look for built-up condensation. Frost and fog lead to mold. Mold will only cause more damage to your windows. Address this issue before it becomes a renovation nightmare.


Storms are a part of life. Unfortunately, storms also are a part of property damage. Storms can cause problems for your windows. Yes, tree branches can break windows, but extreme temperature changes can also cause problems for your windows. Tornadoes, hail storms, and high winds usually mean repairing a window or two.


If you think your windows are in need of a lot of TLC, call us today. We can help you with all your Denver window repair needs.