How to Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs with Quality Glass

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Having a “green” home is important to both homeowners and prospective buyers. Reducing energy costs not only saves you money but is also good for the environment. Homeowners are doing many smart things to save energy, such as Energy Star appliances, turning off heating and air conditioning during peak hours, and unplugging chargers or other electronic devices when not in use.

While all of these things are great for saving energy, still about 30% of your energy is flying out of your home. You could do something drastic, like living off the grid, but if you want to reduce energy costs without having to uproot your entire life, you can simply replace your windows and install energy-efficient glass.


You may like the look of your “retro” windows, but today’s windows are made with energy-efficient glass. They have a special low-e coating that reduces UV rays. They are most effective in double- or triple-pane windows. The space between the glass can increase energy savings with specialized gases that trap indoor and outdoor air.

In addition to double- and triple-pane glass, there are a variety of different coatings that can be placed on windows to reduce energy loss. These various coatings can block up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, preventing windows from letting in too many outside elements.

These energy-saving options will also reduce outside noise. Yes, now you’ll hear less of your neighbor’s dog barking.


There are a lot of window options that can make your home harder to break than an ostrich egg. You could install bulletproof or blast-proof glass, but instead of spending a fortune on incredibly secure glass, you could install shutters. All of the windows listed are made with laminated glass.

You don’t have to live on the coast, near hurricanes, to need storm windows. Storm windows are perfect for any area that has strong tornadoes, high winds or intense storms. Check here to see if you qualify for storm window rebates.

Storm windows don’t have to be open only during storm season. You can leave them on year-round to reduce your energy costs.


Have you seen that movie about technology where the windows change tint based on sun exposure and heat? Well, that’s not a futuristic window, that window can be yours today. “Smart” or “switchable” windows can change from clear to super tinted depending on the amount of sun and heat. Think of them as transitional lenses for your home.

While they are expensive, they will save you energy. It’s as if your carbon footprint doesn’t exist.

Don’t keep letting 30% of your energy escape. If you’re looking to conserve all your energy and reduce your costs, contact us today. Not only are we window experts, but we’re also the best in customer satisfaction. Let us help you with your window needs today.