Maximize Fresh Air with Double Slider Windows

double slider windows


You’ve decided to take the plunge and replace those old drafty windows. You are ready to give your home that fantastic “facelift” that new widows give. You already know the benefits of curb appeal, airflow, and your energy bill. What you don’t know is what kind of windows you want to install.  Looking at all the options, hearing the buzz words like sash, casement, picture, garden and double slider can only add to your overwhelmed feeling.

Sash- the part of the window that moves

Casement- a window that is hinged on both sides so the window opens out.

Picture- Stationary windows that cannot open or close, but let in lots of light

Garden- acts like a greenhouse for your home, has shelves and side ventilation. Perfect for growing plants.


If you’re looking for a window that can provide with lots of light and air, then double slider windows might be the ones for you. The name alone sounds fancy. But what are double slider windows? Double slider windows have two sashes that slide inwards to the middle.  This may be the simplest definition, but double sliders are much more than just two sliding sashes.

Slider windows are popular in many homes. Slider windows let in a lot of natural light and when opened, a lot of fresh air. Besides the extra light and air, they are also easy to maintain. You can just remove the sash for cleaning, then pop it back in.

Double slider windows have two sliding sashes that can be opened at the same time. This lets in twice as much air flow and light. Double sliders are aesthetically pleasing. They have a sleek modern look, and yet, still have the charm of traditional windows. Like single slider windows, they sit in a single frame. Both single and double slider windows have vertical lines that give maximum visibility.


Slider windows are best if your opening width is longer than your height. They are great in rooms that need the most ventilation and view. They also go great above kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and other difficult-to-reach areas. They can go great as picture windows. Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms can benefit from these large bright windows. Not only will they give these rooms extra light, but extra ventilation as well.

Double slider windows sound perfect for your home. But all your windows are currently single sliders. Can you replace singer slider windows with a double slider? Absolutely. At JDI, we can fit your home for the double slider. Updating your single slider windows for double slider windows can give your home an all-new feel and look. The double sliders will give a contemporary look that will be the envy of all the homes on the block.

At JDI, our experts can help you find the perfect, sleek, double-slider windows that are just right for your home without blowing your budget. Don’t hesitate to call us at JDI today.