Maximize Fresh Air with Double Slider Windows

double slider windows

Do you ever wake up and want to throw open that window and let the morning breeze blow in, but you can’t because it’s a picture window? Or maybe you do, but it’s a single slider and the breeze that comes in is only mediocre at best? If you’re craving that morning dewy air to fill your home, or maybe a cool afternoon breeze, then you need double slider windows.

What is a Double Slider?

Slider windows are those sleek modern windows that open horizontally. They slide on a track to open and shut. They seal firmly and tend to be more energy efficient than hung or double hung windows. Sliders provide a great view of the outside. They are also easier to open and close than their hanging cousins.

Double slider windows have two sliding sashes unlike their single counterparts. Both sashes open up and allow air in and out.

Why Not Just Use a Single Slider?

Single sliders and double sliders both open wide and allow air in and out, so why even bother with double sliders? Double sliders open on opposite sides. This allows more air in and out. The dual opening can create a cross breeze in your home making it easier for fresh air to find it’s way in to your home.

Double slider windows are also a way to make a bold statement with your home design. Many homes in the common suburban area have single sliders, but if you install double sliders, you make a unique and bold statement. Not only do you get more fresh air, but you stand out.

Where Can I Put a Double Slider?

Slider windows go great with ranch style or any other horizontal style home. Sliders help you maximize the view without having an entire wall of glass. The sashes slide behind each other, so having a larger area for your double slider window would be best.

If you have a picture window or a larger single slider window in an area of your home, then investing in double sliders as a replacement may be a great way to go. Rooms that you want more ventilation and light would be ideal.

If you are worried about replacing that single slider window that you normally have an A/C unit or swamp cooler hanging out of, do not fret. Double slider windows can accommodate an A/C or swamp cooler easily.

These versatile windows can go almost anywhere and are more energy efficient than the double hung windows. Their tight seal will keep the elements out and the heat and energy in. They are also easy to clean.


If you are looking for new or replacement windows, we can help. If you are unsure if double slider windows would work, or if you know you want double slider windows, our experts can help you through the entire window replacement process. Whether you are looking for new or replacement windows, contact us today! Think of us as the “window gurus!