How Storm Windows Protect Your Home

storm windows

Colorado may not be in a hurricane zone, but the harsh, constantly changing weather and the potential for intense storms like hail storms and tornadoes may send you looking for the best way to protect your home. Storm windows offer you just that.

Impact Protection

Those commercials where you see crash dummies flung into walls to see how safe a car is, is similar to the test done on storm windows, which are designed to withstand impacts of large and small objects. The tests, as you can imagine, are brutal, but it’s worth it to ensure you and your home are safe.

Air and Water Protection

Ever wonder how the house in the Wizard of Oz made it to Oz in such great shape? Part of the answer is storm windows. A tornado can hit it with It’s best shot, but those windows are designed to keep the air and water out. If it can keep out a tornado, imagine how great it will do with snow and everyday weather.

Energy Efficiency

The aspects that make storm windows weather proof also make them energy efficient. If weather is not getting in, then your energy is not getting out. Double and triple-pane windows may be good for energy efficiency, but most storm windows are Energy Star approved and filter out 99% of UV rays. This will make your home cooler.

Sound Protection

If you are sick of listening to your neighbors’ late-night parties or early morning dog barking, then you need storm windows. Storm windows keep out more than just the weather – they insulate against sound too. Annoying neighbors may be a thing of the past. Now the only thing that will keep you from getting sleep is what’s going on in your own home.

Unique Feature Protection

That UV protection does much more than keep your home cooler, it also protects from sun damage. If you have a historic home, then you need strong windows. If you have an ornate stained-glass window, then it’s a good idea to give it extra protection. Stained glass is expensive and difficult to repair, avoid that potential problem by protecting it. If you have wooden windows, storm windows can protect against dry rot and other elements that can damage the wood and eventually, the entire window.


Storm windows often offer the feature to open inside and outside windows separately. This can be great for adding just the hint of airflow that you need without the risk of too much air or damage from a surprise rainstorm.

Storm windows go beyond simple light and air. They provide the extra-strong protection that your house needs. Don’t let Colorado’s random weather patterns ruin your home. Storm windows are the solution. We can help you get there. Contact us today.