What Are Standard-Size Replacement Windows?

All windows will eventually need to be replaced. One of the main factors when trying to find replacement windows is getting the right size. Almost all windows can be customized to fit any sized window frame, but that can be an expensive alternative. Purchasing standard-size windows can save some money and make the installation process much easier.

Standard-size windows are options that are made to set dimensions to fit into common openings in homes. A trusted Denver window company can help guide you to the right window for a specific space. These aren’t standard for all buildings, since some older homes homes were obviously built before any standardization occurred. But many recently built homes will have common window dimensions, and these fall into a few different categories.

How Sizing is Measured

Standard-size windows generally fall into a four-digit categorization system used to identify these windows by their sizes. The first two digits commonly refer to the window’s width in feet and inches, while the last two digits refer to the window’s height in feet and inches. For example, if a window were two feet, six inches wide, by three feet, six inches tall, it would be denoted as a 2636 window.

This allows for all standard-size windows to be easily recognized by size, and a simple measurement will let the consumer know if they’ll fit into a particular space. Of course, different types of windows are used to fill certain spaces. It’s important to understand that building custom windows to your specifications will cost more, meaning those unique spaces will be more expensive – particularly if getting a specific kind of replacement window.

Common Window Sizes Still Vary

Figuring out the most common window size isn’t black and white. It depends on the window type. The most common window type in the United States is the double-hung window, and those can land anywhere between 24 and 48 inches wide, while standing 36 to 72 inches tall. Obviously, not all windows fall into those parameters, and not all windows are double-hung windows. That can make the process of window replacement confusing and a bit overwhelming.

Deciding what type of replacement windows are needed can cut down on some of the questions, as there are multiple measurements available as standard size for pretty much any type of window. However, there are multiple standard window sizes that have been established for replacement windows. These sizes still may vary, depending on the type, but they’ve been streamlined so that each style has both a minimum standard height and width, as well as a maximum standard height and width.

Getting the right measurement is the first step to figuring out what you need for replacement windows. There are plenty of options out there that fall under the label of “standard size” and it’s a matter of finding the right fit for you. For more information on window sizing, and the particular dimensions of standard size windows, reach out to the experts at JDI Windows today.