The Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

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When you imagine a special space in your home, what does it look like? Is it flooded with light from a beautiful bay window? Or is it a bow window? Is there a difference? Bay and Bow windows are often confused for each other. They may seem like the same thing, but there are differences between the two types of windows, including price. How do you know which type is right for you and your budget?

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a set of at least three windows, two on the side and one larger picture window. The center window is fixed, while to two on the side are vented. Bay windows are a great feature for more modern homes. These windows are perfect for window seats or extra space, especially if you wanted to create a little nook because they stick out further and add more space to the room.

For bay windows, you will need a space of at least 40 inches or more of exterior space. These windows are usually square, hexagonal or octagonal in design. The key feature is the large fixed window in the center of the smaller window panes on the side that usually open. These large windows lead to a flood of light into your space, brightening up the area.

The cost for bay windows is less expensive than bow windows. With Bay windows, you are paying for the cost of the individual windows.

Bow Windows

When you think of bow windows, think of Victorian architecture. This large set of windows is common in Victorian homes. Bow windows are usually made up of four to eight windows that bow out. This creates the perfect spot for a window seat or storage.  These windows are all the same size and type of window. They can also wrap around the corner of a house easier than a bay window. Bow windows have more glass because of the curve. This means you get more light coming in.

For Bow windows, you need at least 80 inches of exterior space. Bow windows are usually a shell of windows that are custom-made for your space. They require more engineering and installation finesse than bay windows. These may not be as energy-efficient as Bay windows, but the difference is only because Bay windows have a fixed picture window. If installed properly, both the bow and the bay windows will give you better energy efficiency.

The cost of bow windows is much higher than the cost of other windows. Bow windows must be custom-made and engineered. A shell of windows is created to fit perfectly in your space. This additional work tends to run two and a half times more in price than a similar-sized flat window. This may be hard on the budget, but the results are stunning.

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