Do replacement windows come in colors?

Getting new windows for your home is an exciting opportunity. You’ll not only get to choose your preferred window style, but the frame and sash colors for your replacement windows. Although most standard colors come at no additional cost, you can choose to upgrade your vinyl window colors as you see fit.

Find out more about the various color options for vinyl replacement windows, and which one you should pick, before working with a Denver window company.

Color options for vinyl replacement windows


One of the most popular choices for replacement window color is white. This simple color choice is a classic – matching almost any color scheme or home material. White window sashes have stood the test of time, as well, and they’re sure to stay in style. Even if you choose to paint your home a different color, remodel, or add new landscaping features, white windows will still match. This is also a perk since vinyl windows are a long-term investment. These types of windows aren’t meant to be repainted, so going with a neutral choice like white will ensure conformity for years to come.


Some homeowners don’t like the look of stark white windows against the backdrop of their home. If this is the case, consider an off-white window color like ivory, beige, or light gray. This keeps the classic look of a white window sash, while still being a unique choice. Off-white colors will blend in a little better with some homes, making this an appealing choice.


For those looking for some contrast, black windows will stand out against a light backdrop. Black windows have become increasingly popular as a modern look, but fit many home styles. For homes that have a brown, gray, or white exterior, dark window frames and sashes can set your home apart. Mix it up even further with deep blues, purples, or greens.


Matching windows can also be coordinated to existing siding for a cohesive look. Blending style and color is a great way to achieve this. For custom vinyl windows, choose a color similar to that of your exterior walls. Match warm or cool colors for both the frames and sashes to compliment aesthetics.

Other things to keep in mind when choosing color

Your environment greatly impacts what color you should choose for vinyl replacement windows. Sun exposure and the elements can wear on certain colors, draining them of their vibrancy. Light colored windows are recommended to reflect heat from warm Colorado summers. Additionally, darker colors show dust buildup much easier, meaning you’ll need to spend more time on upkeep and cleaning. Natural or light window colors can last for years to come, all while matching any home’s exterior.

Finding a Denver Window Company

No matter what color you choose, you’ll need to work with a Denver window company you can trust. Contact JDI Windows for all your window replacement needs, including vinyl window color options and designs.