Are fiberglass windows good?

Published March 22, 2022 by JDI Windows

If you are somewhat able to practice DIY projects, then you may be able to install vinyl windows yourself. However, if you want your Denver Windows to be sturdy and durable, then you should contact a professional to install fiberglass windows. These windows are more durable and will last longer because they are rigid.


Vinyl vs fiberglass

Currently, there are two main manmade materials for windows: vinyl and fiberglass. Vinyl has another name: polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It is actually a type of plastic, while fiberglass has a base of the glass. Fiberglass is melted under very high heat and then pulled into extremely fine fibers. These fibers are woven together and often impregnated with various resins to be molded.

Fiberglass is more energy efficient.

Although both materials are pretty good at insulating, fiberglass is better. They can both control temperature loss or gain through the window, but fiberglass was created specifically for this. In fact, fiberglass windows are around 15 percent more energy efficient than vinyl windows due to the glass base. This is also true against sound as well.

Both have good durability

Both fiberglass and vinyl are strong materials, which are easy to care for and water-resistant. The materials are able to hold up to the elements and do so far better than wood. Wood also requires considerable maintenance in order to continue looking good.

Why fiberglass

Although both materials look similar from a distance, they are different. Fiberglass offers many more different styles. Fiberglass frames are usually on the thinner side as well, which is helpful when you want to let more light in by having more glass exposed.

Both of these materials do come in a wide range of colors, but fiberglass is paintable, therefore you can change it whenever you feel like it.

Fiberglass is also more energy-efficient. This is not to say that vinyl is not a good insulator, but fiberglass controls temperature loss or gains a bit better. It was created in the 1920s specifically for use as insulation and is commonly used today. In fact, fiberglass windows are as much as 15 percent more energy efficient than vinyl. It is also very effective at insulating against sound

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