When were glass windows first used?

Windows are one of the most important features to any home. Home buyers often look for a space with plenty of natural light and character, which windows provide. Modern Denver windows also offer much needed insulation from outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and snow.

Over the years, window designs have changed through updated knowledge and technology advancements. What we have now is a big difference from the homes of our ancestors. To understand the modern benefits of glass windows, it’s important to take a look at their past history.

Read on to discover how glass was first used, when the glass window was created, and how glass windows benefit us today.

History of windows

Glass used in ancient times:

In ancient times, windows consisted of a simple round hole in the wall. Most citizens of ancient Egypt used wooden shutters to keep wind and dust out while letting light in. However, this is around the time when the first instance of glass windows was used by Egyptian royalty.

Glass used in medieval times:

Most Anglo-Saxon medieval homes only had window openings in order to let light into the home. To keep homes insulated from the elements, animal skins were often hung over the openings. With more homes made from stone instead of wood after the Norman Conquest, window openings were braced with stone or wood. During the time, the wealthy were the only ones who could afford glass for windows. So, many homes still used animal skin or other materials as window coverings.

Though many churches of the medieval age started using stained glass windows, they were typically hidden away inside the church. This was done to protect them from the elements or thieves.

Glass windows finally started becoming more affordable for the middle classes around the Tudor era, when glass glazing was popularized.

The early beginnings of sash windows

The late 1600’s brought the early manufacturing of sash windows. By the 1700’s vertical sliding windows were found in most households. At this time, windows were made using the crown glass method. This involved blowing glass into a bubble, flattening it, and repeating the process until a dome formed and shapes could be cut out or filled. This process remained one of the quickest and cheapest forms of glass making until other methods were introduced later on.

Middle- to lower-class households still featured smaller windows, while wealthier homeowners splurged on larger ones. This was mostly due to the window tax of the late 1600’s, which taxed per window, leading to poorer citizens removing windows altogether to avoid the extra cost.

How we use glass windows today

The modern age has brought many advancements in window manufacturing. Windows are now more insulated and energy-efficient than ever, protecting both the inside and outside of your home. Window designs have even become more interesting and versatile than ever. Homeowners can not only choose from the classic sash window designs, but can choose from options like bay, garden, or skylight windows.

No matter which window style you choose for your home, JDI Windows can help with the installation process. Contact us for more information on Denver window replacement.