What to Check for in Replacement Window Glass

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Denver Window Replacement

It happened – the neighbor kids started calling your house “haunted”. Rather than start rumors and scare local children, you may just need a little “face lift” for your house. New windows are a great way to make your home look new, welcoming, and not haunted. Denver window replacement may seem like a daunting and expensive task. Where do you even begin?

Replacement windows can be retro-fitted or new construction. New Construction windows would be better done if you’re planning on redoing your entire exterior (like siding and stucco). Retro-fitted windows are the more common and less expensive way to replace your windows. Your current window frame won’t have to move or change. With retro-fitted windows, the new windows will be fitted to your current frame.

Metal or Wood Frame?

Before undertaking your Denver window replacement, you’ll need to look at the frame. Is it wooden or metal? Metal frames require an exterior flange. This hides your window frame from the outside. This flange extends about 2 inches on all sides of the metal frame. It will tuck right inside your current window opening.

Wooden frames have a slope due to the sill. The stops of the old window will be removed and the sash will come out. The new window will fit right in to sides of the current window. This can be tricky, if done wrong, there will be gaps in the window.

Glass and Coatings

After you’ve figured out what kind of frame you have, figuring out what type of glass is the next big step. Are your current windows single paned, double paned, triple paned? Do you want low-e coatings, heat absorbing tints, or other coatings? Picking the glass itself can be intimidating.

Single paned windows– these are simply windows with one pane of glass. They aren’t as energy efficient as the other windows, but they are less expensive upfront. However, they may cost you more in your energy bills later.

Double and Triple Paned Windows- Like single paned windows, these are just what they sound like, windows with two or three panes of glass separating you from the elements. These windows are great if you live in cold or changing climates. Both double and triple paned windows can pay for themselves over time by lowering your energy costs.

Gas-fills- The space between double and triple windows can be filled with special gas. This gas will keep your home better insulated than regular air. The gasses usually used are either argon or krypton. Argon is more commonly used than krypton.

Low-E coating- These coatings are fantastic at controlling the non-solar heat that comes in and out of your home. Low-e is short for low emissivity. This coating will greatly reduce the cost of your energy bills during those snowy months.

Spectrally Selective Coating- This coating can filter out different spectral rays. This can lead to 30% less heat coming in and out of your home. This coating doesn’t reduce the amount of light that comes in through the window, so natural light can still fill your space.

Reflective Coating- This fancy coating acts similar to a mirror, it bounces some solar rays back out, but lets in other rays. The coating also lowers glare and heat transfer.

Heat Absorbing Tint- While this tint reduces glare, it also reduces the amount of heat that is flowing through the window. It does reduce natural light as well, but not enough that you can’t enjoy the freezing sunny days in Colorado.

Who are you going to call?

Denver window replacement is just the thing you need to get rid of the “haunted-ghost look” and make your home the friendliest one on the block. At JDI, we can help you find the perfect glass for your replacement windows. We’re local, we are familiar with the weather and energy needs here. We can help you find the best energy saving windows to help your home feel bright, cheery, and new. Call us today!