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Denver Double Slider Windows

Why Choose Double Slider Windows?

One of the dominant and most unique features of the double slider windows is that they can be opened from both ends with minimal effort. They are horizontal windows so choose to open your windows from the right or left, or both, for maximum airflow and ventilation. This provides you with ultimate control over the temperature and airing of your room.

Double slider windows are ideal when replacing picture windows or another similar window because they are perfect for wider spaces. They are great for rooms where an abundant amount of sunlight and an outside view is desired. There are also typically no obstructive views from the double slider windows, making them great for a view of the outdoors, making them excellent if you have children or pets outside.

Another great quality of double slider windows is the ease of cleaning them. The window panels simply pop out, making these windows optimal for those hard-to-reach window areas. Double slider windows are considered one of the lowest maintenance window styles as well.

Double slider windows also offer a minimalist aesthetic. Often found in modern-style homes, these windows can support larger glass panes. This gives these popular double slider windows a contemporary feel with a clean, simple look.

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Are Your Double Slider Windows Energy-Efficient?

Double slider windows are very energy efficient. Because these types of windows have fewer moving parts, there is a smaller opportunity for leaks. This can be extremely helpful if you live in an area with extreme climate shifts and can make a huge difference in your energy bill. Double slider windows tend to have higher efficiency ratings because of this.

How to Care for Your Double Slider Windows?

You can easily care for your double slider windows. One of the unique features of most of these windows is that the sash is removable, making it more convenient to clean. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Unlock the window and fully open the window.
  • Lift the bottom of the window up and out of the track then tilt the bottom until it clears the frame.
  • From here, you can clean the window panel with the window cleaner and sponge or soft cloth of your choice.

Once your window panels are clean, simply reverse the steps to put your double slider windows back into place.

To clean the screens, simply pull up on the black tabs to remove the screen from the window frame. Clean the screen either in the bathtub or outside with the garden hose. To re-install the screen, make sure the spring-loaded tabs on top of the screen are inserted into the window frame first. Then, slide the screen into the window frame and let the bottom of the screen rest in place inside the frame. Ensure the screen fits adequately around the window.

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Why Choose JDI Windows?

JDI Windows was formed in 1997 by a Denver team with over 50 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves on integrity, customer service, and hard work. We believe this is why more than half of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We guarantee your work will be done right the first time and within the specified deadline. Contact us today for a worry-free consultation.