Adding Light to your Home with Picture Windows

picture windows

Do you often feel like you are a bat living in a cave? You struggle with getting the right amount of light into your home. Lamps and light fixtures work but having the artificial light on all the time wreaks havoc on your energy bills, not to mention the issues it can cause for your body.  It may be time to invest in a change to bring in more light. Picture windows may be the solution your home needs.

What are Picture Windows?

A picture window doesn’t open. It’s a large, stationary window, that doesn’t have anything interrupting the glass. These windows are perfect for letting in lots of light. Because it doesn’t open, a picture window is best for keeping the outside, out and the inside, in. Picture windows will not only give you light, they will give you an amazing view. Your home will no longer feel like a cave when you install picture windows.

What are the Benefits?

If you’re unsure about giving up your “dark cave