Adding Light to your Home with Picture Windows

picture windows

Do you often feel like you are a bat living in a cave? You struggle with getting the right amount of light into your home. Lamps and light fixtures work but having the artificial light on all the time wreaks havoc on your energy bills, not to mention the issues it can cause for your body.  It may be time to invest in a change to bring in more light. Picture windows may be the solution your home needs.

What are Picture Windows?

A picture window doesn’t open. It’s a large, stationary window, that doesn’t have anything interrupting the glass. These windows are perfect for letting in lots of light. Because it doesn’t open, a picture window is best for keeping the outside, out and the inside, in. Picture windows will not only give you light, they will give you an amazing view. Your home will no longer feel like a cave when you install picture windows.

What are the Benefits?

If you’re unsure about giving up your “dark cave” look, then let us tell you the benefits. Picture windows are like a wall of glass. Sunlight can just pour into even the darkest space when you have picture windows.

These large windows let in so much light and heat that your rooms will be nice and comfortable. Pair this with the fact that the stationary windows keep out the elements, and your energy bills will be so small, you’ll need a magnifying glass to find them.  The lack of elements will also reduce the allergens that sneak into your home. Less allergens, less sneezing, more relaxing.

Large amounts of natural light not only helps will mood and energy bills, but it also helps with your design .  Natural light brings out the true colors of your paint and furnishings. The glass on these lovely windows will block out the harmful UV rays, but still give you loads of vitamin D.

Picture windows come in a variety of sizes and frame options. They also tend to be less expensive than their moving parts siblings.

What’s the Best Place to put Them?

Are you trying to find that perfect spot for these amazing windows? Have no fear, picture windows are great in many spaces.

Do you have high, vaulted ceilings? Light those spaces up! Picture windows are great for vaulted spaces because they are low maintenance and don’t open.

Do you have a room that is small and dark? Picture windows not only flood areas with light, but they can make even the smallest space seem bigger.

Do you have a large bathtub ? Picture windows are great in a bathroom. They act as a “headboard” to that relaxing bathtub. The extra light also makes it safer to soak, reducing the chance of you falling asleep.

Do you have a great view of beautiful Colorado? Let that view shine and remind you why you love living here, with picture windows.

Are you ready to convert to picture windows? We can help you change those perfect places to picture window spaces! Contact JDI today!