Can Amerimax Windows be Repaired

Amerimax windows

If you have noticed your windows being foggy, leaking, cracked, cold, or broken, you may wonder if it is time to repair or replace your windows. These are basically your only two options, and it can be a tough choice. Most often you might choose replacement over repair, but this is not always the best choice. Often, you should choose to repair rather than replace your Denver Amerimax Windows

When to Repair

Repairing your windows is often a great choice, but it is not always possible. This is because modern windows are often double or triple-paned and sealed. They are more difficult to repair, but it is possible.

When to Repair

  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Broken muntins/mullions on single-pane windows
  • Slow-moving or stuck window sashes
  • Missing or damaged exterior drip cap
  • Poor exterior window casing
  • Minor water leaks

Cracked or Broken Glass

Safety is one reason why you may need to repair your window. Single-pane windows can be effective and inexpensive. When a multi-paned glass breaks, it may not be as simple. Sometimes this can be a good reason to replace the window.

Broken Muntins

Rotting or split muntins are supposed to hold the glass in single-pane windows. If they are rotting or split, then they will need to be rebuilt. These can easily be fixed with a simple putty.

Balky or Stuck Sashes

One common window problem with older units is that the upper or lower sash cannot move. This might be due to the many layers of paint that hold the two together. When sashes are not easily raised it might be because of broken cords. This can easily be fixed.

Missing or Rotting Drip Cap

The drip cap is an exterior shield at the top of the window. It is typically easy to repair and is essential to have a rot-free, rust-free aluminum drip cap.

Poor Exterior Window Casing

Having loose, cracked, rotting, or missing exterior casing is not attractive and can lead to the window being damaged. Despite this, it is not the only reason a window should be replaced.

Small Amount of Water Leakage

When interior water is detected in a window area, it is important to see whether or not it is coming through or from an area of leakage. In some cases, this can come from poorly draining gutters and drainpipes. The seals may need to simply be repaired, or you may need to re-route your drainage system.

When to Replace

  • Foggy windows with inside condensation
  • Poor interior faux muntins/mullions
  • Structural problems
  • Major water leakage

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows can often be caused by your window’s double-paned or triple-paned insulated glass. Most windows now have self-sufficient IGUs built into them. Because of this, removal and replacement is the only option.