Are Vinyl Windows Good?

Vinyl Windows

When it comes to window replacement options, you have multiple material types to choose from. One popular option is vinyl. But is this material right for you home’s specific needs and aesthetic? Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl windows in Denver before you call a professional installation company.

Pros of Vinyl Windows

Energy efficient

Vinyl windows create a tight seal that can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Invest in Energy-Star rated products, such as products from Amerimax, and you may notice your monthly energy bills decrease.

Easy to maintain

A durable design allows vinyl windows to withstand the elements. They can’t be scratched, so you won’t need to worry about trying to repaint them. On occasional, nonabrasive cleaning solution and a cloth may be needed during a routine cleaning.


New vinyl window installation tends to range in price from $400 to $800, according to FIXR. This tends to be cheaper than other types of windows. For example, the average cost of new wood window installation can range between $650 and $1,290.

Despite the cost, high-quality vinyl products can be reliable. They won’t corrode or begin to rust like other materials.

Many available varieties

You can find vinyl windows in colors to match most aesthetics. They’re also available in varying sizes. You may be able to get custom-made windows, although they may be pricier.

Cons of Vinyl Windows

Permanent color

Although you can find vinyl windows in many colors, they can’t be painted over in new shades. With that in mind, select windows that match other permanent aspects of your home. Or select windows in a neutral color to ensure they always match a changing aesthetic. If you’re committed to changing the color of your vinyl windows, be prepared to pay for completely new replacements and installation.

Costly customization

If you need vinyl windows in nonstandard shapes, expect to spend more money. Because these types of windows are difficult to manufacture, the price of their production will be higher. How much higher? That depends on the shape and size.

Quality can be low

Vinyl is popular with consumers, so there are plenty of manufacturers to choose from. However, not all of these manufacturers offer high-quality products. Always read reviews for window products to see how well they work for other buyers.

Effect on environment

As is the case with many artificial products, the process of manufacturing of vinyl windows can damage the environment. Recycled vinyl windows are always an option for eco-conscious homeowners. However, these windows may have decreased durability and lifespan. Another option is to buy new vinyl windows and then find a place to recycle them at the end of their lifespan.

Finding Vinyl Windows and Installation

Do the pros seem to outweigh the cons? If you’re ready to commit to vinyl windows, you can reach out to JDI Windows for a free consultation. Call, visit, or send us a message via our site and we’ll answer your questions and offer quotes. In no time, you can have new windows that improve the look and comfort of your home.