5 Steps to Prepare for Your Window Installation

Window replacement

Replacement windows are a great investment if you are looking to update your home, cut down on energy costs, and increase the overall value of your home. If you have decided to make the investment in window installation then there are a few things that you should do to get ready. These steps will provide the installers easier access to the windows and ensure you have a seamless installation process. Here are 5 Steps to Prepare for Your Window Installation.

Window Replacement Process

  • Meet the technician
  • Walk through your home
  • Remove obstructions and obstacles
  • Put down drop cloths
  • Begin the window removal process
  • Install new windows
  • Finish replacing windows
  • Install exterior cladding and trim

Step 1: Clear a Path

You will have installers walking in and out of your home continuously, so you will need to ensure that there is a clear path. They may also be carrying oversized and heavy windows. Be sure that there is nothing that might be blocking their way. This can be done by moving all furniture and obstacles. You may also want to clear patio furniture, hoses, even lawn decorations. This will ensure nothing gets broken or damaged.

Step 2: Remove Window Treatments

The next step is to remove curtains, sheers, blinds, or anything on the windows. If you have interior shutters, hardware, and trimmings, you will also need to remove these. It is impossible to install new windows without removing them. If you do not remove, them you will also be required to pay the installers to remove them for you.

Step 3: Put Down Dust Covers

Window installation is dirty work so ensure that either you or your installer puts down covers to protect your home. If you do this yourself you can ensure that it is done properly. Otherwise, you can allow the contractors to put down drop cloths at your liability.

Step 4: Conserve Energy

Because your windows will be completely open when installing, you may want to schedule during a certain time of the year. Try during the fall or spring when you don’t need to use much heating or cooling. This can allow you to turn off your heater or A/C while the installation is happening.

Step 5: Give them Access

Be sure to make it easy for your window installers by giving them access. You can even make arrangements so that a friend or neighbor can let them in if you can’t. You might also want to ensure that your alarm system is off, otherwise, it could turn into a sticky situation. If you call your alarm company, you can ensure that the window and door alarms are off until the completion of the installation project.

Do The Prep to Ensure an Easy Install

Getting your house ready for new windows might take a bit of time, but it will be worth it in the end. This can allow you to cut down on installation time, and reduce the risk of damage. Contact us today to learn more.