Will a Window Company Provide Free Estimates?

Window Installation

Whether you have been a homeowner for years, or you are buying a home, you will at some point need to replace the windows in your house. Calculating this cost can be difficult because there are so many variables when it comes to windows. This can depend on how many windows are needed, the size and style that you want, as well as the quality. There are so many different types available, but if you know what you are looking for it can go a long way. Regardless, a window company should always provide free estimates.

Labor Affects the Cost

When going to a Window Company in Denver the labor can be charged per project or per hour. When charged per project, it will depend on the size and type of window. When charged per hour, you will need to ask the hourly rate.

Decide What Type of Glass You Want

The type of glass that you choose is important. This is because it determines the window’s impact resistance but also contributes to your energy savings. Tinted glass can be good for reducing UV rays, but also heat that enters your home. Despite this, tinted glass is not right for every home.

Factors That Influence Window Installation Costs

  • Unknown damage
  • Needing to change the window frame
  • Difficulty accessing the window
  • Double or triple glazed windows
  • Lead Certified and compliant windows
  • Operating costs

Window Quality

All windows are not made equal, and quality affects the price. The two most popular frame options are wood and vinyl, and even though the quality is similar there is a huge price difference. Vinyl is much cheaper and wood is much more expensive.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Energy-efficient glass can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. By adding these glasses it can increase the cost, but also lower your energy bill.

Installation Process

There are two types of window installation: pocket installation and full-frame installation

Full frame replaces the entire window, including the sill, window, and trim. Pocket installation is quicker, and all you will need to have done is to slide another window in an existing frame. Pocket installation is the most economical. Labor is always a cost when it comes to installation. This will need to be included in the cost of your replacement windows.

Warranty and Certifications

Warranties vary from company to company, and if you have a better warranty, it might affect your overall price. Having a warranty included means that you are getting a better-quality product overall, with the manufacturer who stands behind it.

What to do Before Hiring a Window Company

  • Get a free estimate.
  • Try to ask for prices in late Spring or early Summer (this is a non-peak season).
  • Add an extra 7-15% more on top of the estimate in case of the frame and trimming additions.
  • Decide on the type of home you have and how the windows will match.

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