Top 5 Trending Window Styles

Window Styles

No home is complete without windows, and there are a variety of windows to choose from. There are windows that offer more light, increased airflow, and provide an atmosphere for the room. When you are shopping for your Denver Windows you might consider keeping up with the trends. Some of these trends can help you to update the appearance of your property while others can transform your home into a stylish, or energy-efficient home.

Installing new windows can help you get a huge return on your investment and also, staying current with the trends boosts curb appeal. Here is a list of the top 5 trending window styles for this year.

Window Trends

You will make to make a visual impact and increase your property value by placing stunning window designs in place. These include the following.

Black Frames

Although this was once a style of the past, black window frames have made a major comeback. Known for a bold appearance, using black frames adds significant value to any property, and provides a modern look. Without window trims, they look great, and you can avoid using curtains as well.


Everyone loves big and beautiful windows. These create a dramatic and gorgeously visual effect. This can provide you with a great view of the outdoors, or just a view of the city below. These windows are all glass and less frame, and you even have the option of installing floor-to-ceiling windows. You can also install sliding glass doors that can be fully opened and tucked away into the walls. This provides a ton of ventilation and a unique appearance.

Bright and Bold

Boring neutrals are a thing of the past. One huge trend is bright and bold windows. Many designers are now incorporating windows that boast bright and bold colors. Consider rich greens, blues, mustard yellow, or even pastel purple. This creates eye-catching effects. Try to match this color to the color of your front door, to ensure you have a look of uniformity when going bold.


Bay windows have always been a popular choice for homeowners. These windows are three windows attached together to create an angled semicircle. They give the home a larger feel, and can also provide panoramic views of the outside. Now bay windows have been modernized to include better insulation and also provide different design, color, and installation options.


Known more commonly as a narrow window these are placed above doors or larger windows. Originally transoms were installed above interior and exterior doors and constructed to open at a 30-degree angle. This was done so that air could flow in and out through the home. Now, they mainly provide natural light and have a nice look to them. Most people like to install transom windows in kitchens and bathrooms to maximize fresh airflow.