Amerimax Windows Maintenance and Care Tips

You love your Amerimax windows and want to keep them looking great–learn how to care for them.

A new set of windows can be a huge upgrade for a home. For many homeowners, this is a change that you can really feel! After you install your Amerimax windows, you will generally want to keep them looking great and working well. In this post, we will explore simple maintenance and care tips to keep your Amerimax windows operational!

Simple Homeowner Tips for Caring for Your Amerimax Windows

Are you looking to keep your Amerimax windows looking great? These simple tips can help you to maintain your windows throughout the years.

Clean Glass Using Glass Cleaner

For the glass portion of your windows, regular cleanings can work wonders for the appearance. For this process, you will want to use glass cleaner to wipe down the interior and exterior of the glass. Doing so regularly will stop dirt from building over time, making it less likely that the glass will be scratched or damaged.

Wipe Down the Window Frame Using a Microfiber Cloth, Soap, and Water

The window frame should also be cleaned regularly to avoid staining, scratching, or other types of damage. Using a microfiber cloth regularly can help. If you can see visible dirt or dust, consider using soap and water to help remove some of the buildup and keep everything clean. This simple process can make it much easier to keep windows clean consistently.

Regularly Clean the Tracks of the Windows

As far as window cleaning and maintenance go, few steps are more important than keeping the tracks of your window clean. When dirt and debris build up in the tracks, it can cause damage to the entire system. Ultimately, this means that the total lifespan of your windows may be compromised. Keeping these areas clean using soap and water can keep your windows opening and closing comfortably.

Maintain Window Screens to Keep Out Dirt and Insects

Window screens can be subjected to a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. To keep them performing well, regularly check them and patch them as needed. Since screens are placed under stress due to weather, insects, and wildlife, it is important to manage small problems before they become larger.

Contact Professionals for General Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your windows as a whole, it really helps to connect with professionals in your area. These teams can evaluate your windows, look for any problems, and provide any maintenance that may be necessary. With one quick call, you can schedule an appointment and receive the support you need.

The Takeaway

There are many steps that you can take as a homeowner to keep your windows looking great. However, some maintenance steps work best when they are handled by professionals. To learn more about window maintenance or to discuss your home window needs, contact our team today. We specialize in offering the Amerimax windows Denver residents love!