Denver Picture Windows or Sliding Glass Doors: Which is Right for Your Home?

Picture Windows

Nothing compares to the feeling you experience by admiring nature from within the comfort of your home by looking at it through massive Denver picture windows. Getting access to a serene and picture-perfect view will guarantee one thing – you will never forget the view. Installing our expansive picture windows will make your exterior view a focal point for your home.  

For those who don’t know what a picture window is, I’ll explain. A picture window is usually a large window that has a sole glass pane. These windows are designed not to be split and don’t have anything joined in between or at the sides of the glass. What sets them apart is that they do not open and are mostly installed in hard to reach areas to let in light. Let’s discuss the benefits of picture windows that may make them just the right choice for your home.


Our Denver picture windows are aesthetically appealing and provide a nice clear view that isn’t altered or split in any way. It is the best choice for you when you are trying to create the illusion of an outdoor/indoor space. They are also good for letting in a healthy amount of sunlight and connect your natural surroundings with your indoor living space.

As these windows usually do not open, they do a good job of offering increased levels of insulation. They do not have any gaps or seams for air to flow in. Denver picture windows are ideal for you if you want your window seams to remain sealed at most times and you will be glad to know that our windows perform well with little upkeep.

Moreover, compared to casement or double-hung windows, picture windows are more affordable which makes them right for you if you are not willing to spend big bucks on renovations. You can choose a frame (fiberglass, wooden, vinyl and aluminum) for your picture window depending on your needs. For example, if affordability matters the most to you, you would be better off choosing a vinyl frame.


However, some features of picture windows may make them less appealing to you and you may opt for a sliding glass door instead. If ventilation is one of your priorities, then picture windows are not for you. And if you need an emergency exit don’t go for picture windows as they don’t open. Moreover, if you live in a hot area, they may not be suitable for you as they let in natural light which means unwanted solar heat gain.


Sliding Glass Doors

While people are still using traditional doors and related upholstery, sliding doors have become a more popular and better option and have penetrated our home and office space. Sliding glass doors are quite common in the city of Denver as they offer a number of benefits.


Sliding glass doors are popular because they are extremely practical. They don’t need you to cram in when transferring bulky or big items, like furniture, between different rooms. Their sliding mechanism is immensely beneficial as there are no clunky external hinges. They are better than picture windows if you frequently move items between different rooms and they also provide ventilation in case they are left ajar. It is obvious that they require less space as they don’t have swinging parts, instead they plainly slide on a door rail.

Similar to picture windows, they are transparent and allow you a clear view of the outside environment. If positioned carefully, they allow you to spunk up the decor of your home in a great manner. They let in natural light and plenty of fresh breeze, which has positive health consequences. In addition, some glass sliding doors come with external screens that protect your room against unwanted insects and bugs. This factor may be of importance to you if you have kids and toddlers in your home. Lastly, they are easy to clean and maintain like picture windows.


Compared to affordable picture windows and traditional doors, sliding glass doors can be a huge investment. This is especially true for higher quality items that provide more energy efficiency. Please keeps this in mind- sliding glass doors are not a wise option if you live in a Denver neighborhood, which has a high crime rate and can turn out to be a huge liability because an intruder can easily gain access into your home by simply smashing the glass.

Moreover, these doors aren’t designed to last in severe weather conditions such as storms, frost, etc. Plus, you can expect their durability to fall in extreme heat or cold. Finally, although their maintenance is easy, it is not cheap by any means as they require specialized cleaning and maintenance and different door parts may not be available at all times when you need replacement.       


If you are looking for Denver picture windows and would like more information, contact us today!