How Patio Doors in Denver can Transform Your Living Space

Patio doors are more than just a way to get to your patio. They are a functional design element of both your interior and exterior living spaces. Patio doors in Denver provide the perfect access for your spring gardening, summer barbecues, fall reflections, and winter snow fun. JDI Windows can help you to choose the proper patio doors for Colorado weather. We consider the style of your home, your design vision, and your budget when presenting you with high-quality, efficient patio door options.

Patio Doors Offer So Much More

Why install specialty patio doors over a traditional exterior door? A traditional solid door provides a secure entrance to your home, but patio doors take it a step further. Patio doors are constructed mostly of glass. They allow light in and extend your visual living space. Maximizing light in a space can help make a small room feel larger and reduce the effects of the winter blues. No matter the time of year or weather conditions in Denver, patio doors connect you to the outdoors.

Patio doors don’t only let in light, they provide an architectural focal point for the interior and exterior of your home. They are used as a design element to increase the aesthetics of your home. Taking the time to look at different styles of patio doors can help you choose a look that fits with your home and lifestyle. From classic to modern and traditional to one of a kind, the options are endless.

Patio Door Choices Are Endless

There are many variations of patio doors designed to fit a wide variety of homes and spaces. We can walk you through each design option to choose the best patio door for your home. Patio doors are available in three main design types: swinging, folding and sliding. Patio doors in Denver can be installed in various combinations to accommodate almost any space. Multiples can provide an entire wall of patio doors. Singles offer a compact solution for smaller spaces.

Swinging patio doors feature a traditional door design which opens in towards the home or out onto the patio. They are commonly referred to as “French doors