Should I Choose a Local Company to Install My Windows?

Denver Window Company

At JDI Windows, we’ve been serving the Denver area since 1997 as the premiere local window installer. We know all that there is to know about Denver window installations. We know the tricks, the hangups, and have plenty of our own stories to share. We’re local, just like you, and that’s why we think it’s so important to hire from within your local community. You invest in local economies, you get a product from your neighbors you trust, and you can take a big amount of stress off your psyche while getting your new windows installed.

Do you still need convincing? We’ve outlined some of the top reasons you’ll want to hire a local for your window installation work. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Local is Less Stressful

If you’re hiring a local company, you know you’re hiring someone who understands where you live and what that means. Often, when you’ve got huge chains across multiple states, the customer service tends to be manufactured, the employees are a revolving door. But hiring local pros to do work for local homes is much less of a headache. You get folks from around the corner who don’t need directions to your home and who know the weather and conditions. They may even have worked on homes similar to yours. Overall, it’s less work for you to hire local window installers to get your windows done right.


If you’re looking to not spend a ton on parts and labor, then local is the way to go. National companies often have to order out for approved parts or source materials from farther away places. But local companies have local connections and access to local suppliers. They know the people they’re sourcing their materials from, people they trust, and people you might even know. Don’t get your windows from half a continent away or farther than that. Get materials you trust from people you can trust and live and work alongside. That’s why we’re proud to be a local installer.

Keep Commerce Local

Getting money circulating locally is one of the best things you can do for your community. So often, money goes to large businesses that exist far away and your community never gets to see a dime of the money you spend. Hiring locally is an investment in your economy, the one right outside your door. You can see your dollars at work in a way you can’t when you funnel money into bigger corporations. Giving back to your local community can be as easy as spending dollars on local professionals doing local jobs, rather than hiring out strangers.

We can help make your windows everything you want them to be. Give us a call to get started on an estimate and to find out why we are one of the best possible local window companies in the Denver area.