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Published April 24, 2020 by JDI Windows

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Windows are a beautiful part of your home. They offer the natural light you boast about to friends or perhaps to realtors as you’re trying to sell your home. They’re your gateway to the world outside your home and that world’s small gateway into yours. We decorate them with colorful and unique shutters and paint and offer great visual bookends through curtains and shelving. But what happens when windows don’t work out quite the way we hoped? They can become drafty, they can break and crack, and they can have functional issues. It might be time to call a window expert.

Windows are something you may be tempted to tackle as a DIY project. But they can also be complicated. Calling and bringing in a window professional in your area is the best way to tackle your window issues quickly and effectively. Below are some common window issues you will see in your life as a homeowner, and while some are less serious than others, you shouldn’t hesitate to call a window expert in your area if you encounter them. These professionals can help repair old windows or install new windows while saving you time and money.

Drafty Windows

The most common issue, hands down, is a drafty window. Drafty windows can be painful to deal with in the winter, especially in Denver, as cold winds pick up and your home is left with a chill that just won’t seem to end. On top of that, drafty windows can cause huge problems for your energy bills as your heat works to counteract the chill of drafts. This can also be true in the summer as warm air from outside starts to seep in and your cooling costs go up. There could be different options for repairing a drafty window, like weather stripping to caulking. A professional will be able to head you in the right direction..


If you find any form of condensation — foggy, moisture, or even ice — on the inner portion of your windows, it’s indicative of a larger problem. This can cause similar side effects on drafty windows as ice and cold air can get between panes and humidity can get trapped there during the summer. Your energy bills will take a hit. The solution may lie in the window’s insulation and some faults there. But a professional will be able to best diagnose the problem for you and offer solutions.

Stuck Windows

Windows that stick are frustrating and can lead to bigger problems if you try to force them open. Sometimes these windows need to be propped open to remain that way which presents obvious dangers for everyone but especially small children and pets that may be in the windowsill at the wrong time. This will require a window replacement that a professional can help you with.

Don’t wait to talk to a window professional if you need help with a window repair or replacement. Contact JDI Windows, a Denver window company, today.

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