What to Look for In A Window?


Windows are an important part of your home. They allow you to view the world outside while keeping your home safe from cold winds, rains, and inclement weather. Windows have undergone many changes in the past 50 years of homebuilding.

It’s important that you understand what to look for in Denver windows because the weather is both cold and very hot in Denver. It’s important to understand that not all windows are best for the Colorado climate. Not all windows are equal, and we’ll discuss what to look for in your next windows.

Upgrading Windows and What You Should Be Looking For

Windows for extreme climates honestly need to be multi-paned. You might find double-paned and triple-paned windows. These will be two separate sheets of glass, or three, with gas-filled into the inner space. This is typically Argon or Krypton gas.

This gas helps keep cold air on one side, warm air on the other side, and not letting the two meet. The gas between the panes serves as additional insulation as you have in your walls, but this insulation doesn’t block your view.

When warm air and cold air meet, it forms condensation on windows. You see this in single-paned windows during the wintertime. When you heat your home, the glass on your windows will fog and eventually form condensation from the extreme temperature difference.

The more panes you have, the more efficient your windows will be, lowering your utility bills by making your home more airtight.

Another point is that your glass in the windows should be Low E glass. This is a glazed glass that lowers the amount of radiation heating from the sun. Not only is this going to lower your cooling costs in the summer, but it will also protect your home. Carpet and flooring won’t be faded by the sun.


Look for windows that can be opened and tilted from inside, making cleaning them a simple task that can be done any time of the year that the weather allows you to have the window open. This saves the cost of paying someone to clean second-story windows if you have a multi-story home.

Tinted windows can also be installed if you have a wall of windows that receives a great deal of sunlight, it may simply be too bright to enjoy. Tinted windows will let just the right amount of light in, with less of the glare and the heat that can cost you money.

Vinyl trim is a huge perk that is typically used on new windows now. This virtually eliminates the need to ever paint a window frame again. It also keeps window frames from rotting and leaking over time. Bugs won’t crawl through and termites won’t eat your window frames either.

Replacing your windows to new, modern windows with all the above perks can increase the overall value of your home and lower your heating and cooling costs which eventually pays for the windows in savings.