What to Know Before Starting a Window Installation

Window installation

There are several things to consider when replacing or installing windows for your home. Window installation can be costly, so weighing all your options is a necessity. From types of windows to calculating your budget, deciding on window installation can be stressful. Before making a decision, take a look at these top tips for window installation in Denver.

Choosing Types of Windows

There are many factors when considering window types. This involves everything from glass packages to window materials. The type of window you choose can also affect your budget. Choosing the right types of windows is essential before installation.


There are three main types of materials used for window frames. These include vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Although vinyl window frames are the most common, there are benefits to the other material types as well. For example, fiberglass is extremely durable. This material will most likely last the longest and is a great, long-term option. Wood is easy to match to existing interior features and trim. Choose vinyl for versatility and many color choices.


Choosing window glass options are important for home energy efficiency. You can save on heating and cooling costs by using certain window glass. Low-E, or low emissivity coatings, help reflect the sun in summer and keep heat inside in the winter.


Depending on where the windows are located, you can choose several different window styles. There are several different style options like awning, bay, picture, garden, casement, or double-slider. Double-sliders open in towards the middle and offer a style with better ventilation. Although picture windows are stationary, they are a wonderful option for scenery and natural sunlight. Bay windows can add an extra design element indoors while bringing the outdoor scenery in. Contact Window Installation Denver for even more window styles and designs.

Calculating Cost

It is important to calculate the cost of your new windows before installation. Some materials, like wood, are often more expensive than others. Additionally, full-frame replacement windows require more work during the installation process. This is also known as “new construction” and involves the process of stripping the windows down to the studs. The number of windows you need to be installed also plays a factor in cost. You can get a budget estimate for new window installation in Utah before committing.

Preparing for a Window Installation

Once you’ve got a window installation estimate, it’s time to prepare for the day of install. First, be sure to give the window installer room to work. Remove blinds and curtains from window openings. This will give the installer room to set and caulk the windows without worry.

Next, clear an indoor path to the windows if needed. All furniture should be at least three feet away from the windows. Remove any breakable items away from the openings, as well.

All window alarm sensors will need to be removed from your current windows and reinstalled in the new ones. Set up an appointment with your alarm company before the new window installation day to avoid any issues.

On the day of installation, try to limit any stress. Keep yourself occupied and trust that the installers know what they’re doing. After your new window installation is complete, enjoy your beautiful new windows for years to come.