What are the Main Types of Windows?

Best Types of Windows

Many different types of windows can be used in residential homes. All of these types of windows can be classified into types based on their configuration. They are also often classified based on the material they are made of. It can be hard to say whether or not there is one main type of window that would work for every home, but there are a few main types of windows commonly used in Denver homes.

Fixed Windows

Overall, fixed windows are the most simple kind of windows. They cannot be opened or closed, so overall, they are not functional. The positive aspect of fixed windows is that they are the most weather-proof of windows.

Sliding Windows

Known for moving within a single window pane, sliding windows often require a bit of strength to move. These are not the best option for those who are weak, or with mobility issues.

Sliding windows also typically cannot be opened fully. This can sometimes feel that part of the window is always closed. Opened on a track, sliding windows also do not require space outside the plane of the window. This makes them ideal for use between two internal spaces. Whether that is an office and a hallway, or a room and the outside of a home.

Vertically Sliding Windows

Vertically sliding windows come in two options, single and double-hung:

  • Single-hung windows: Sliding vertically, single-hung windows have one fixed pane, and one that slides as a shutter. Only the bottom half can be opened, but these are similar to sliding windows in that part of the window can not open.
  • Double-hung windows: Also vertically sliding windows, double-hung windows will have two sliding shutters. They are often stacked one on top of the other, with either the top or bottom half being able to be opened. These windows are not incredibly uncommon, because most people will want to be able to open the top half of the window.

Hung windows are common in the United States, while these are called sash windows in Europe. Sash relates to a frame that is filled with glass and moves, while the fixed part would be the frame.

Bi-Fold Windows

High-performance windows are those that hinge on a single track. These are used for large openings, such as doorways or entryways. These allow you to create an unobstructed view of the outside.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are known for being hinged on the side. This is another common form of window, and it opens outwards. These are easy to use, but cannot be used in all situations. This might include if the window opens out into a corridor. Casement windows are designed to resist rain and wind from the outside in, which means that their direction cannot be reversed.

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