What is a picture window?

Picture Windows are becoming popular overnight–here’s why.

Why do houses have windows–and what do they do for your home? Windows are excellent sources of light and airflow and can affect how a home looks, feels, and is designed on the inside. People love windows, but one new type of window is getting even more attention–picture windows. Find out why more people are choosing homes with this iconic window feature!

Picture Windows: Everything You Need To Know

A picture window is a fixed window, which means it can’t be opened or closed. It’s usually a big window that makes a statement and shows off a part of the home’s architecture or surrounding natural elements.  As the name suggests, a picture window frames the outside environment, almost like a picture frame. It makes a great center of attention in a room and lets in a lot of natural light.

Types of Picture Windows

There are many shapes and sizes of picture windows. Whether you want a modern, contemporary, or traditional look outside of your home, consider the dimensions of your windows to make the most of it. Combine a picture window with a few other fixed windows or operable ones that surround the main picture window for the best effects.

Customized picture windows are one of the most expensive and sought-after options and depend significantly on how you want the room to look. If your room is huge, it would be better to buy something that is made to fit your space. If your room is tiny, you can also cut down the size of your picture window to help it fit into the wall.

Why People Love Picture Windows

The most notable feature of a picture window is the views that they offer, and people love them for this reason. Many people use these windows as a way to bring nature into their home in a more comfortable way. With a picture window, you can easily highlight the beautiful views your home has without compromising on coverage.

Deciding if A Picture Window is Right For Your Home

Getting sun through a picture window can heat your home and space, providing a more efficient insulation system. You’ll be warm and cozy while reading, organizing your closet, or working in your home office. South-facing windows can even offer more passive solar heating than other windows. At the end of the day, you just need to decide if these windows can bring style and sunlight to your home!

The Takeaway

While resting in your bedroom or entertaining guests, you can enjoy a lovely view of that natural space through the picture window. Nature is always a nice picture–especially when it is right outside your window. To invest in Denver windows that highlight the beauty of Colorado’s natural spaces, contact us today!