Can I Use New Construction Windows for Replacement Windows?

There are different types of windows for different occasions—find out what you need to know.

Window shopping seems like a simple task, but homeowners can end up confused when they realize that there are different window types and use cases. Construction windows and replacement windows both play a valuable role in the home, but each type has its own time and own place. We are going to explore these differences in more detail.

Choosing Between New Construction Windows and Replacement Windows

You are looking for a window and not quite sure where to start—don’t worry. Your first consideration is to decide between new construction windows and replacement windows. Though these windows can sometimes look the same, they are actually surprisingly different.

What Are New Construction Windows?

New construction windows are just what the name implies—the windows that you use when you build a new home. These windows are large and made to bolt directly into the frame of the home. Since they use more materials, they can often come in at a higher price point than their replacement alternatives.

What Are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are windows that are designed to fit into the existing window space. Designed to blend into the build without forcing the installation team to pull anything apart, these windows are perfect for home upgrades and renovations. They are known for being a cheaper way to get new windows on your home.

Can You Use New Construction Windows as a Replacement?

Both of these window types are windows, and you can technically use new construction windows in place of a replacement window—but they won’t be a replacement window. New construction windows have to be built into the frame itself, which means you aren’t just installing a window—you are temporarily stripping that part of the home.

Choosing What is Right For Your Home

The primary difference when deciding between these two window types comes down to price and effort. When you invest in new construction windows, you should always expect a higher price tag and one notable difference—new construction.

In order to install new construction windows, your installation team will be doing a lot more work than they would with a standard replacement. While this is fine, it does mean you will have to listen to construction, spend more, and wait longer to get the windows installed.

The Takeaway

Before you make any decisions regarding what kind of windows are right for your home, you will want to connect with a Denver window company. Local experts are here to support you through every step of the process and can help you weigh the decisions to end up with the perfect match for your home. We pride ourselves on helping Denver homes look and feel better. Contact our team today to discuss the future of your home’s windows!