Qualifications to Look For in a Window Company

Denver Window Company

When looking to replace your windows, you will need to first start by choosing a good Window Company in Denver. Because replacement windows do add value to your home, you will definitely want someone qualified to install them. If you do not choose an experienced installer, you may risk more than just ugly windows. With improperly installed windows you risk a voided warranty, drafts, or damage to your home. When beginning a window replacement project, be sure to look for a great window company so that you can feel safe knowing they will install your windows correctly the first time.


Installing windows is not easy. Windows come in many different sizes and styles. Window installation is not easy, and you need to ensure that whoever installs your windows is experienced in installing that specific type of window. Learn how long the company has been in business, and be sure that their installers are experienced as well. Because not only do you need your windows to be installed properly, but you also want them to be installed at the best price possible.


Although a general contractor can do a great job on many projects, installing windows may not be one of them. It is best to use a professional that has specific experience in window installation. Avoid hiring someone who does not specialize in windows.


Whoever you hire should offer you plenty of references from past customers. You can find these references online, or you can simply ask the company that you plan to use. They should be able to offer you many examples of past projects they have completed, as well as reviews from old customers.


No home is the same, similar to how no two windows installation projects are the same. Whoever installs your windows should be trained for any type of window project. Confirm that they are up to date on all the newest installation methods.

Fair Price Agreement

It is important to confirm what you will be required to pay and if everything is included in the price given to you. There should be no hidden fees, and everything should be explained to you in the beginning. Also, ask about warranties, and insurance should anything go wrong during the install.

From Site Preparation to Clean-Up

Although you might assume that your windows installation team will both prep the site area, and clean up afterward, this is not always the case. You should confirm that the team will be prepping the site and protecting the other aspects of your home. Make sure they are respectful when it comes to your home, or you may be left with a bad surprise at the end of the install.

Time to Choose an Installer?

When you choose JDI Windows you always know you are getting the highest quality materials and service. All of our window installers are highly trained with many years of experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.