The Pros and Cons of Casement Windows

casement windows

Casement windows are an excellent choice for homeowners who are seeking a stylish improvement to their home’s appearance coupled with easy access to opening their windows.  A casement window utilizes a crank, lever, or handle, usually located in the middle of the bottom of the window, to open on a hinge and extend outward from the home when opened.  Casement windows also have a stay or other device to hold the window in place during windy weather conditions.

Benefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows offer many advantages over other types of windows.  They open easily with the push of one hand, making them an attractive option for hard to reach places such as above a kitchen sink.  Because they are able to swing open fully, they provide more ventilation and light into your home than many other window types.  

Casement windows offer more energy-efficient than many other types of windows due to their increased draft resistance provided by their tightly sealing sashes.  When cranked closed, they prevent drafts from entering your home, decreasing your energy costs and making your home more comfortable.  

Drawbacks of Casement Windows

While casement windows offer many advantages, there are some concerns that homeowners should consider when selecting this window style.  Because they fully extend from the home when open, both sides are exposed to weather conditions such as rain and wind.  This factor could cause them to weather slightly faster than other styles that don’t expose both sides of the glass to the outdoors.  However, the selection of quality products can protect your investment and ensure greater durability.  

Which Window Style Is Right for Your Lifestyle and Your Home?

Casement windows are an attractive option, with multiple advantages, for any homeowner.  A professional window installation company like JDI Windows can assist you with determining if this style of window is the best choice for you.  Contact JDI Windows today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the pros and cons of casement windows.