The Features of Garden Windows

denver garden windows

Garden windows provide a host of unique and attractive features to your home. Denver Garden windows are designed to act as mini-greenhouses.  They protrude from the exterior of the house, allowing light to enter from all angles, and have space or platform on which plants of other items can sit.   They also can have additional shelves above the bottom platform to provide more shelving space if desired.  


Garden windows allow more natural light to enter your home from a multitude of angles.  This feature is ideal for gardeners who have plants they need to protect from harsher weather outdoors or for cooks who would like an herb garden within the home.  The increased natural light makes a garden window an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but can be a beautiful feature in any room of the home.


A garden window can give your home a unique appearance from both the inside and the outside, providing you with a larger view of your yard outside and, from the inside, making the room appear larger because of the extra space it provides.  In addition, the decorative space provided can allow the homeowner to showcase plants, artwork, heirlooms, and more.  The possibilities are endless.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners can select garden windows made of materials that will increase their energy efficiency.  For example, vinyl windows have superior thermal performance. Denver garden windows installed with casement windows on the side can increase airflow to the home, allowing air to circulate more effectively.  The type of glass selected can also have a positive effect on the window’s energy performance, such as low-e glass which reduces condensation and provides excellent temperature control.  The increased sunlight provided by the design of garden windows can assist with warming the room in colder temperatures.  

Ask JDI Windows how your home can benefit from the addition of Denver garden windows and start enjoying the many features of this unique type of window!