What’s the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?

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When refurbishing your home, window replacement can add aesthetic and monetary value to your investment.  The selection of a different window style can bring a new dimension to your home’s beauty.  One of the most common selections is the addition of a bay window, but another less well-known option, a bow window, should be considered as well.  

Bay Windows

A bay window protrudes in a square, hexagonal, or octagonal shape, with the window in three separate flat sections.  A bay window is actually a set of three windows angled out and away from the house or building.  The center window is often larger and is a fixed, picture window with the windows on each size angling back toward the house.

Bay windows protrude farther from the home, providing more floor space or more seating or shelving space in the flat area below the window.  In addition, bay windows are more easily installed with features that enable more of the panes to be opened.  

Bow Windows

A bow window is created with a series of casement windows placed together to form a curved shape, giving your home a distinctive appearance.  A bow window is a set of four to six windows that are all the same size, projecting out from a home’s exterior wall and creating a curved appearance. Bow windows are symmetrical, creating more of a curved appearance than bay windows.  

Bay windows require more support, so bow windows are often a good choice for placement in areas of the home where less support is available. Also, bow windows allow more light to enter a room and can be installed around a corner for a unique wrap-around placement that allows light to enter from two sides of a home.  However, because of the way these windows must be installed to maintain the curved shape, little room exists for the opening mechanisms.  Because of the curved design, bow windows also do not protrude as far from the home, providing less floor or seating space, which can be either a benefit or a drawback, depending on your needs.

Choosing Between Bay and Bow Windows for Your Denver Window Replacement

A home’s design is the most important consideration when choosing between a bay window and bow window for window replacement.  Bow windows require more wall space and are larger.  Bay windows require more overhang since they protrude further from the exterior wall.

Cost is another factor.  Bay windows are typically less expensive than bow windows as bow windows are usually larger and require more glass.  

The professionals at JDI Windows can evaluate your home’s overhang, support, and other factors to help you select the type of window that is right for you and within your budget.